Power supply and R9 question

I have a 550W Gold psu running an FX-6300 and 8 gig of ram. I was looking to upgrade my 560 ti to either a 270x or a 280x and I wondered if my PSU was ok.


One more question. Do you guys think the price of the 280s will go down anytime soon? As in, would it really be worth it to wait for the next reduction?


If you have any questions that you think might help me, don't hesitate to ask.

You're fine with that PSU. You could hook up a 780 Ti with that an be fine. 

As for the 280x, who knows. They have been out of stock forever and all that remain are price gougers. A GTX 770 performs close to or better (or worse on AMD titles like Hitman: Absolution) than a 280x. 

Yeah even though the prices are sort of ramped up at the moment, the cheapest 280x I found was a MSI twin frozr for £230 which is cheaper than any 770 I've seen, which has been around £260. (I'd link stuff but I don't know the rules for linking stuff on these forums.) 

Besides, I need to sell my 560 ti to get my new card and they've been going for about 100 quid on eBay so I might splash out and get like 2 titans or something (!)

You can link stuff from sites. 

Thanks for letting me know, and in case you were interested, http://www.scan.co.uk/products/3gb-msi-radeon-radeon-r9-280x-gaming-3g-28nm-6000mhz-gddr5-gpu-1000mhz-boost-1050mhz-2048-streams-hd 

yea, it's safe to call the 770 and 280X/7970 equals because they trade blow depending on the game tested. But whatever is cheaper because that's the better deal.

On another note, considering they were all the same price, would mantle be reason enough to go with the 280x? Or do you think it will be another Blu-ray vs HD-DVD situation where mantle will be forgotten about in a year?

I looked at videos about it but I'm just not technical enough to really get it.

Here's the problem, none of us have actually seen Mantle at work yet.  DICE has delayed it on BF4 because they have more important things to fix in that broken mess, and even if developers pledge to use it, its gonna take a while until we actually see an impact.

Frankly, at this point the debate of Mantle/G-Sync shouldn't even be a concern when thinking of whether to go red or green.  Both technologies will arrive in the future, Mantle is coming and so is G-Sync, but until then we have none of these.  So unless tomorrow DICE reveals that Mantle gives us a ton more fps, I'd go with whatever you want.

no idea- mantle has been delay 2+ times now and we don't have real results quite yet but it has serious potential on paper-

another thing is development: The devs have to implement mantle support in a game so not every game will have it mind you.

Way I see it though, is I'm very unlikely to use something like g-sync which would require me to get a new screen too. But with Mantle, I'm getting a graphics card that I would have bought anyway and if Mantle is a success, I'm quids in. I think I'll go for the 280x.

Mantle won't completely sway my decision towards a card, but seeing as it's a "free" add on if it ever does happen unlike G-Sync which would require a new monitor and screen tearing has never bothered me. Now higher fps is entirely different.


Also, I know it's only at an early stage but freesync now seems to be a thing too.