Power Supply and Graphics Card (for anyone)

I have a Rosewill RD400-2DB power supply (here's the specs: http://www.rosewill.com/products/781/productDetail.htm) and the Asus DirectCU GTX 460.  The bottom line of the question is, I want to know if I could run this card off of this power supply.  The rest of my system uses only about 125W.  I know all the power fits (I have a Molex to 6-Pin for the missing 6-Pin from the PSU), and everything else is good (DVI on my monitor and the proper PCI-e 2.0). Just in case, here's the exact GPU: http://www.asus.com/Graphics_Cards/ENGTX460_DirectCU2DI1GD5/


If anyone can just give me a yes or no answer (and if no just give me a quick reason why), that'd be amazing.


Godspeed, Gentlefolk.

Looks good.

It'll probably work, but you might be cutting it a little close. Try using this PSU calculator and see what number it crunches out for you:


Wow thanks. It looks like it'd work! Thanks guys.