Power for O2+DAC?

So this is just an idea I had.... Does anyone know if it would it be possible to get a connector for my corsair axi860 psu that would power the O2 amp through its normal power plug? The included power supply (from mayflower) is a class 2 PS with an output of 12VAC @ 200mA. 

What I want to do is build the O2 into the front of the computer without any external wiring (just powered by my psu, and connected to an internal USB header).

The benefits for me are twofold: cleaner power for the amp, ( I get pops and crackles from power jitters in my building) and a cleaner desk.

My O2 has rear power, so it would be really easy to build it into my case.

If anyone has any tips or thoughts it would be appreciated.




Hi Elliott, maybe others with more knowledge could chime in here, but I'm wondering if using the plus and minus 5vdc on the computer to power the O2 from the battery source instead of the AC input.

Just a thought, but it might work.



The O2 HAS to have at least +/- 14 VAC to run. The only reason why the power supply they come with is 12 VAC is because they actually supple enough voltage at the amount of current the O2 uses.

Something like a CMoy would be better to mount in a case because they only require ~9 VDC to operate and can even run up to ~20 VDC safely. JDS labs sells premade ones for $60 or so.