Power eaten by 7950s in Xfire?

Hi guys, I plan to buy a Twin Frozr 7950 for my next build, while leaving space for an extra one in the future, possibly when prices fall as the 8000s release.

How much power is reccommended? I'll use an FX-8350 with a slight OC. 

Shoot for >850w, 7950's eat power, especially with any overclocking.

I know i can get away with an Oc'd 3570k and 2 Oc'd 7950's if i want on 750watts, but if you have an OC'd 8350 id say get at least 850watts as CaptainPip said.

Yup, ill just agree with these other two people, they've made a lot of contributions, definitely more than me. 850=absolutely fantabulous