Power and Pins

Hi, I recently upgraded my PSU to a Corsair 600w Hybrid Modular PSU, and later on this year and maybe early next year I will hopefully be upgrading my CPU and GPU, to a i5 3570k and a R9 280X. Now will I have enough power to run them both, and also will I have enough pins to be able to power the R9 280X. I've seen videos of the 280X and it needs one 8 pin and one 6 pin. Will I even have enough pins? With the GPU I have at the moment, it only needs 1 six pin, but from memory I don't think I have another 8 pin connector. Can you buy like a 6 and 8 pin connector that fits into one of the slots in the PSU? If anyone has a solution to my problem I'd be glad to hear it!

Thanks :)

There are is an adapter that turns 2x 6pin connecters to a single 8pin, and I believe it should the GPU should come with such an adapter. The reason why it needs to be 2x 6pins is because a single 8pin provides double the power of a 6pin (150w and 75w respectively). As long as you have at least 3x 6pin connecters and a single 12v rail, you should be good.