Potential RAM Upgrade issue

Alright. So my system had 8GB of DDR4. I wanted to upgrade to 16 with the same kit. But turns out, Kingston redesigned their HyperX Fury Black modules. And my exact ones aren’t for sale any longer.


So my modules have a CAS Latency of 14. The new ones are denser , I can’t see any 2 x 4GB kits. But have are CL15. And I’m unsure of what to do now. RAM is still expensive AS FUCKING SIN. But I’m also thinking I could use that to my advantage. I think I could quite easily sell my current kit for the original price I payed AT LEAST. This was back in 2015 and RAM was dirt cheap back then. I paid about $42 for mine. With an XMP profile they go straight up to 2666 without any issues.

2018 is like :thinking: .

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I don’t remember the prices from then. They started going up right after I built my current PC and are still expensive.

Find the same kit on eBay, or local, used. Only if it comes with original box.

I’ve done this before, but fortunately only had issue with RAM once, and used the original purchase info to warranty swap the bad RAM. This way you get matching RAM.

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