Potential Mini-ITX Build

So i've been on a complete shit-show of a system with Vista since 2008 (and no, i'm not joking), and i think it's time i've to build a new system for once. I haven't been PC gaming in over 2 years, and i think there's a chance i won't even be able to do any homework with my current system at this point.

Anyhow. I had a Mini ITX system in mind, because i intend on building a monstrosity of a system in about 2 years (say, $2-3000 budget) time. I figured a $500 or so Mini-ITX system would be solid right now. My main problem is the current disastrous state of computer hardware and platforms. Intel give you the finger if you want an unlocked quad core in the mid $100 price range. And AMD don't have their AM3 platform motherboards in Mini-ITX format, so with them, you're left with either the 860K or an APU... UUUUUUUGGGGHHHHHH!

The 860K DOES seem solid, and it actually performs for what it's worth per dollar. But i personally would like a system with a bit more CPU power. Say, around 20-30% more processing power? OR at least SOME sort of upgrade path. FM2 seems like a dead end.

Furthermore... The Mini-ITX cases that i've been eyeing for a LONG time now are the RVZ02 and Node 202. Silverstone have been delaying the RVZ02 as if they're building a spaceship for Boeing or something. I'm just laughing at this point. The Node is hands down the better looking case out of the two, and possibly better overall, but it's not out yet. And i wouldn't hesitate to choose the RVZ02 over it if it were A. Out already, and B. Didn't have that disastrous acrylic window. If they don't make a window-less version, they've MAJORLY shit the bed. I can't believe that they'd ruin the case with such gimmickery.

Anyways. Thoughts? What the HELL should i do. Should i pony up some extra cash and go with that overpriced 4690K with a Mini-ITX board? I had originally thought of waiting for Zen, because i figured that AMD would have something reasonable, and actually have incremental product lines that make sense. $80 CPUs, $120 CPUs... etc. , etc. Intel, man... Ugh...

If you aren't concerned with insane portability you could go MicroATX instead of MiniITX, that gives you a LOT more options, particularly with motherboards on a budget.

I too agree that AMD needs to get their head out of their butts and make something as awesome as the 8350/6300 chips were on release day. If anyone from AMD is reading this let's talk lol

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The cases are really the problem. Unless, of course they have console-like Micro ATX cases...? I'm not into the whole Cube looking small form-factor cases. I love cases like the Lian Li PC-Q19, RVZ02 and Node 202.

Not much point in going ITX if you're getting a rather large tower case for it

No, no ,youve got it twisted. I plan on building a full tower system in about a couple years. But for now, id like an ITX system. I don`t want two full towers or one full tower and a mid tower side by side in the future. ITX makes sense for this first build.

So, HAF stacker 915 then? You can just snap it onto the top of your full tower case later

Sorry, edited the post. I effed up. Twas an ITX i had in mind for now.

So is 500 the total budget for the build? Or just what you want to spend?

What resolution are you going to be gaming at?

And are you really dead set on one of those expensive cases?

For reference, this is a 600 dollar budget, comes closer to 500 after mail in rebates(which never work), MicroATX, 860K with a 290

ITX is pretty doable at that price range, it just cuts into your budget more since you might as well go intel as the ITX boards cost less.

If you realy want a sollid mini itx system,
then intel is realy the better way to go.
But yeah it simply depends on what you could afford right now.


This would be a good balanced option.
Maybe a better gpu if you could afford would be nice.

Really? 1150 ITX boards seem... more expensive. Also, the Raven is only about $80. I only have a 75Hz 1680 x 1050 monitor at the moment. Later, i'll probably get something like a Benq XL2420Z I'm so grateful for how much cheaper 120/144Hz monitors have become. Hahaha, remember the "Overclockable" monitor days from a couple years ago? Now we're even seeing 1440/1600 120+Hz monitors for reasonable prices. Thank goodness for that. But yes.. i might just pony up the cash at this point and get the intel. I hate the fact that i have no CPU power headroom with something like the 860K. It's SOLID for something like the R9 280. MAYBE an R9 380? Anything more, and it'll probably start bottlenecking.

Also. When it comes to SSDs... Ummm... Rather, more to the point, is 128GBs adequate for Operating Systems? I'm thinking maybe it'd be better to go with a 256GB SSD as the boot drive. But regardless, what do OSs use up usually? 60-80GBs? Then, add on any updates into the future. Seems like 128GBs isn't quite enough for the long haul.

i use a 128GB SSD as my main OS drive.
still have 78GB left.

Unfortunately, the RVZ02 still isn't out yet. I read an email posted by someone who had gotten notified by Silverstone that manufacturing had been underway, and it will be out the beginning of JULY. It's the end of August. This is hilarious... Why the delay, i wonder?

Also. Which memory tends to be on the more compact and low profile side? I saw some Crucial Ballistix modules that were very small and had low clearance. Probably what i'd wanna go for.

Crucials balistic sports are lowprofile yes.
But G.skill snipers arent that high either.

The 860k is going to bottleneck on CPU intensive games, but DX12 is supposed to also lessen the load on the CPU.

The i5 is going to be anywhere between 20-30% faster in games, but just the 4460 alone costs as much as an 860K+Motherboard.

The intel ITX boards range from like 60 bucks and onward.

Yeah, what bothers me also is that even the cheapest AMD ITX board support memory faster than 1600Mhz. NOT that i'd realistically even purchase any. 1600Mhz is more than adequate. But it's damn near impossible to find Intel ITX board under $200 that can support faster memory, or OCing past 1600Mhz. And the 4690K is their cheapest unlocked quad core? Man... what's wrong with this company?

I was thinking of going the AMD route, despite having no upgrade path because of Zen. Is Zen supports both DDR3 AND DDR4 memory (as they've done in the past), then it's possible for me to just simply purchase a Zen board and Zen CPU a year from now, and transplant everything from my current build to the new one.

Also. Another huge problem. While the prices on pcpartpicker look great. I'm in Canada... Probably should have said that from the get-go.

Faster memory doesnt make sense anyway.
Unless you build a system based on a igpu or apu.

But with a dedicated gpu, it doesnt matter.

Funny how the new 1151 boards offer much more for the same money. Odd... DDR4 over 2600Mz. Going over even 3000Mhz.

If you can find a board for the similar amount of money.
Then its allways a good idea to jump the new platform.
However im doubting that you will find a H170 / Z170 mini itx for the same price atm.

i´m currently searching.

I've decided to just ditch the whole ITX idea, honestly. I've always thought the Define R5 is something i can take into the future with me. It's just a really plain, future-proof case. Plain, but GOOD. And the fact that it's noise dampening is also a bonus.

Gigabyte board for $150, memory at almost 3500MHz... Holy sheet.