Potential $~1100 Gaming Rig - HELP!

WASSUP Tek Syndicate! first post ;)

well lets cut right to the point of things, im trying to build my first pc! and trying to go for a quality rig that's gonna be built to last... i chose the cpu so i can eventually overclock it when i have the extra cash for the corsair h100 liquid cooling but that's not going to be necessary immediately, right!? 

here it is: and i am open to everybody's opinion on what to substitute and am still in need of a motherboard that will accept all this garbage and i am also looking into a different case that also has real good airflow, dont want any of my shit melting on my ass!

potential case:
definitely buying this gfx card:
16 gb ram memory:
CPU: potential overclock to 4.5? yes? no?
SSD: for boots n real important things
HDD: the general shit storm drive 

PSU=probably the most common mistake. That 480 hogs the power but I recomend Logan's recomendation.


To get down to your budget, drop the H60 and swap down to 7950 if in nessecary.

The i5-3570k is better stack, the i5-2500k overclocks better. 

Logans R3 is fine, I am an NZXT fanboy, Phantoms, Phantom 410s, and tempest 410s all have great colling.

ok. so switched cpu's to the 2500k

the powersupply that thermaltake makes is $115 these days?

added cd drive by asus... 20 bucks

UM... the NZXT is the big ass white thing around $120.. ok. and i based a lot of my decisions regarding like the GFX and the CPU off of cpubenchmark.net

I'll make you a list in the morning that will kick ass and will be cool too

sounds great gigabuster. talked to my friend and updated to this:


good air flow of a $150 case means jack if you don't have a good cooler, a $50 cooler in a $40 case will cool better than a $150 case with stock cooler, I'll go into detail in the morning/afternoon

selling $1100 in stuff on ebay, so i can prolly raise the bar now too like $300-500 :D i still need to get a monitor keyboard speakers and such. are sound cards worth it?










now before you get your panties in a bunch, that system uses about 200w of power, you do not need 1000w powersupply, this will be plenty, even for overclocking

Hudson if your going to spend more I would put it into the case and psu. 1 that is a a plain cheap case for this caliber build. 2 I disagree with wattage 530W is the bare minimum for that setup I would perfer a little more wattage maybe a 550W or 600W and definetly 80+ Bronze.

You're going to need more than 450W if you want to overclock, or even to just run all of this at stock speeds. The WaterCooler is what's going to hog most of your power, along with pretty much everything else you've chosen.

Go for [b]at least[/b] 600-700W so you know you're safe when overclocking, and adding extra stuff on.

As for the GFX card, why would you buy a 480, when a 660, or 670 isn't that much of a price bump? For instance, an Stock OC 660TI is $310. Which you could easily make up for, by throttling your ram; you don't need 16GB's, that WAY over kill, unless you're running 10,000 applications (I'm exaggerating). The point being, you're spending money on stuff you don't really need, like the RAM, and the SSD (240gb? Really? 128GB will do fine, man), etc.

I'd wait for Logan's two cents, though.

the GPU TDP is 138 the CPU TDP is 77 in what way is 530w 80+ PSU not enough for 215w, please I would love to know.  Further more I would much rather have a okay case with a kick ass system, than a kick ass case and weak ass system

even his components manage to DOUBLE TDP the PSU could still handle it I know, I've ran a 4GHz 955 as well as 2 HD 5850's OCed ot 1GHz each using that PSU, I would not recommend if I did not have proper knowledge or experience, I pride myself for the fastest, cheapest and qaulity builds

The funny thing is, is that there's a 1,000W PSU for just $10 more, on Amazon. I've purchased it, and although I'm still waiting for it to arrive, I have high hopes.

Here's the link: http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00596U0YQ/ref=oh_details_o00_s00_i00

not 80+ and I've never ever heard of that brand, you want your system to use about 50% of your max TDP or it stops being effecient, meaning you're wasting energy and your overclocks will not be very stable, come people standard knowlege here

No offense but I wouldn't even hook a $300 system on that PSU. 1000w of pure untested, dirty power that will just eat electricty for breakfest, lunch, and dinner. I'm willing to bet that PSU will sit 200w at idle because of the the horrible effciency in it. higher quality, lower wattage > lower quality, high wattage. Also it looks like the PSU is in the standard ATX form factor... ehhh... I'm used to 1250w and above PSUs but for that much power it should be using an extended ATX form factor... I would return it for quality corsair, seasonic, XFX, NZXT, or some of the fractal design PSU's. Get how much wattage you need for a system. If you "think" you're going to crossfire or SLI in the future A.) you usally won't. B.) A lower wattage it still probably fine as people overshoot PSU's way to much.

my 2 cents...

it looks like it will catch on fire just by setting there, the (what appears to be) certs look uber fake, here's a qoute from maks when I showed him it

"I've had PSU's that had fake UL stickers, and doing a search of said UL number on their site leads to 'DANGER DO NOT USE EXTREME FIRE WARNING'"

Guys, use this for PSU calculations: http://extreme.outervision.com/psucalculatorlite.jsp

overclocked to 4.5Ghz @1.25v, 4 120mm fans, 100%tdp load, 3570K, 7950, 1 HDD, 1 SSD

334w PSU is what it reccommends, so how is 530w not  enough, really do tell


thanks votex88 for the PSU calc

Gigabuster you got me I was going on the minimum recomend wattage for the 7950 being 500w. 

they just say that so PCnoobs don't blow up their system on a 100w system, and sue them, you can use a calculator or if you're just runing it at stock just look up the TDP wattage of each part, as long as you have at least 25% surplus you'll be fine, if you overclock then give it about twice the TDP