Post your modded FALLOUT4 screenshots! [realism]

So i'd like to see how everyone's modded Fallout 4 looks like,
The aim is to get many screenshots in this forum.
This is meant for realism (lore counts as realism) (with that i mean please no anime swords and that kind of "nonsense" in fallout 4 screenshots)

I'll start


you can make this list by opening NMM, selecting all mods (ctrl+a), pasting in Excel (delete unnecessary columns and saving it as a .txt file
1950's Feminine Outfits (Vanilla - EVB - CBBE) - (Replacer) 1950s Feminine Outfits (Vanilla) Clothing
4K 2K Ice Machine by Wolf7808 ver.1.1 - 4K Ice Machine by Wolf7808 ver.1.1 Models and Textures
4K Trash Bin by Wolf7808 ver.1.1 - 4K Trash Bin by Wolf7808 ver.1.1 Models and Textures
9mm Pistol (Browning Hi-Power) - 9mmPistol Weapons
Armor and Weapon Keywords Community Resource (AWKCR) - Armor and Weapon Keywords Community Resource v3.1.0 Modders Resources and Tutorials
Better Crates - Better Crates 1.2 Models and Textures
Better Mod Descriptions - All-In-One Better Mod Descriptions User Interface
Better Piper Outfit - Better Piper Outfit Models and Textures
Better Settlers - Better Settlers v1.1 Master FOMOD. NPC
BodySlide and Outfit Studio - BodySlide and Outfit Studio Utilities
"Caliente's Beautiful Bodies Enhancer -CBBE- - Caliente""s Beautiful Bodies Enhancer" Models and Textures
CBBE Ida Body Texture - CBBE Ida Body Texture Models and Textures
Companion Infinite Ammo - Companion Infinite Ammo - SINGLE Companions
Craftable Ammunition - Craftable Ammunition 1.16 Gameplay Effects and Changes
Crossbows of the Commonwealth - Crossbows of the Commonwealth 1.4 Weapons
Delightful Ivy - HD Vine Retexture - a natural and realistic green and brown plant overhaul - Delightful Ivy - MIXED COLORS - Olive and Rusty HD Vines Environment
Detailed Feral Ghouls - Detailed Feral Ghouls - Better Quality Visuals and Graphics
Docile Radstags - Docile Radstags NPC
Don't Call Me Settler(Names-Jobs-Tools) - DCMS171 NPC
Duffle Bag Retexure - Better Duffle Bag Retexture Models and Textures
Enhanced Blood Textures - EBT_Basic v101 Models and Textures
Eyewear and mask retexture - Eyewear and mask retexture Models and Textures
Fallout 4 Configuration Tool - By Bilago - Fallout 4 Configuration Tool Utilities
Faster Terminal Displays - Faster Terminal Displays (20x) Creation Kit Version Gameplay Effects and Changes
FCO - HD Eyes - FCO - HD Eyes Models and Textures
Full Dialogue Interface (NewDialog English and CN-DE-ES-FR-IT-JA-PL-PTBR-RU translations) - Full Dialogue Interface - All languages - NMM installer - Beta11 User Interface
G2M - Workshop - g2m_Workshop_1_2a Crafting - Home
Glock P80 - Glock P80 Weapons
GRASSLANDS - A Fallout 4 Grass Overhaul - Grasslands-Healthy Environment
Gravel Redone 4K - Gravel Redone 4K Models and Textures
High Resolution Texture Pack - Valius - 2k and 4k - Textures 4K Version Models and Textures
IF-54 Battle Rifle REDUX - IF-54 Battle Rifle REDUX v1.1a Weapons
Immersive Bottlecaps - New Texture and Mesh - Immersive Bottlecaps - 1.4.1 Models and Textures
Improved Map with Visible Roads - Improved Map with Visible Roads 2.0 Models and Textures
Langleys HD Textures Workshop - Langleys HD Textures Workshop Models and Textures
Live Dismemberment - Live Dismemberment - No Increased Headshot Damage Gameplay Effects and Changes
Long Range Bullet Holes - LongRangeBulletImpacts_v1_4_2 Unassigned
Longer Power Lines - Longer Power Lines 3x Gameplay Effects and Changes
Lowered Weapons - Lowered Weapons 1.1 Animation
M1 Garand - A WWII Classic - M1 Garand Weapons
Manufacturing Extended - Manufacturing Extended Crafting - Home
MK14 EBR - MK14 EBR - Main Files Weapons
More Smarter Companions Mod - More Smarter Companions Mod V10 Companions
No Negative Affinity and No Affinity Cooldown - NNA NAC - NMM Installer - v1.6 Gameplay Effects and Changes
Perverted Perks - Perverted Perks 1.1 (No Sounds) Unassigned
PipBoyShadows - PipBoyShadows Visuals and Graphics
Protectron HD - 2K and 4K - Protectron HD 2K Models and Textures
Rain of Brass - RainOfBrass_v_1_0_1 Unassigned
Realistic Bullet Cracks - Realistic Bullet Cracks Fix Audio - SFX
Realistic Roads - Realistic Roads Models and Textures
"Retextured First Aid Kits - Ephla's Unique First Aid - Ephla""s Unique First Aid Kits v2" Models and Textures
Sexy Transparent Zipsuit with Bodyslide - Zipsuit v1.2 Armour
Sharp Shacks - Sharp Shacks v1 Models and Textures
Solar Panels - Solar Power Crafting - Home
Subway Runner - Nondynamic Unassigned
Texture - Rusty Fridge Retexture by CW - Texture - Rusty Fridge Retexture by CW Models and Textures
TheScout201's Weightless Junk and Other Items AIO Installer - Weightless Junk and Other Items - AIO NMM Installer Gameplay Effects and Changes
Valkyr Female Face and Body Textures - Valkyr Body Texture Models and Textures
Varmint Rifle - The Return - Varmint Rifle Weapons
Vault 88 - More Vault Rooms - Vault 88 - More Vault Rooms Models and Textures
Vault 88 Room Corners Plus - VaultCornersPlus Crafting - Home
Vault-Tec Workshop Overhaul - Vault-Tec Workshop Overhaul 2.4 Unassigned
Vivid Fallout - Landscapes - Textures in HD - ORIGINAL SIZE - LOWER RESOLUTION - Vivid Fallout - Landscapes - Best Choice Environment
Vivid Fallout - Roads and Bridges - Vivid Fallout - Roads and Bridges - Best Choice Environment
Vivid Fallout - Rocks - Textures in HD - ORIGINAL SIZE - LOWER RESOLUTION - Vivid Fallout - Rocks - 2k Visuals and Graphics
Vivid Fallout - Trees - Vivid Fallout - Trees - Best Choice Environment
Vivid Weathers - Fallout 4 Edition - a Weather Mod and Climate Overhaul - Vivid Weathers Unassigned
Water Enhanced - 2K Water Visuals and Graphics
WET Environment
Working Food Planters - Workshop_Planters_Fixed Crafting - Home


Screen res: 1920x1080
images capured with: AMD ReLive
GPU: 280X
CPU: I5 4690


I have quite a few, don't have the current mod list because I reinstalled Windows and haven't setup Fallout Nexus yet.


  • CPU: i5 4690k @ 4.4 GHz
  • GPU: GTX 970
  • Memory: 8GB DDR3
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Thats's a lot in one go haha,
thank you, some of them look really nice! (5th, 9th and 10th)

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I really want to go back and play it some more but setting up the mods again will be a pain, plus I started using my 1080p ultrawide monitor again instead of my 4K one at 1440p and Fallout 4 doesn't work so well with ultrawide monitors.

I had a quick look at my mod folder and these were the only graphical mods I am using:

  • Darker Nights
  • Vivid Weathers
  • Fr4nsson's Light Tweak
  • FTO Stars 2K
  • Green Commonwealth
  • Realistic Roads