Post your Funny Tech Haikus

The new L1T Shirt has inspired me, Post your Tech Haikus, and (enjoy others') here.

I'll Start:

Vortex of Chaos
Just Like Nintendo QC
Wait for Switch Rev. 2

NUMA Motherboard
Dual Sockets, Yet so Much Waste

Tera Cotta Men
Fall in Line Like PGA
The Socket is Dead

Bearded Men Argue
About Text Editing Apps
Asperger's is Rough

Richard M Stallman
Did Zip For Society
He's A Fat Crap Sack

Age of Linux Desktop
A Pipe Dream of the Insane
Please Try BSD

BSD Consoles
Macs, Phones, Servers and Networks
Give up Linux Fans

Lengthy Zoltan Rant
Move to a New Thread

Wallow in Your Dread
Fail to Actualize the Self
Just Like Libreboot

[Before you post angrily about these, please consider that they are not meant to be taken seriously. If this is already apparent to you from the thread title and context clues, this message is not for you, and I'm sorry for insulting your intelligence]


linux fans are old
bunch of glitchy messy code
least's not windows 10

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Angry Rant Appears
Post TL;DR, with Meme
Instantly Derails


Poking in Linux now
Faster than Windows it is
No more tears are here

how is this thread not more popular lol

the arm chair experts
gather around from college
a sea of folly

a dunning kruger
of hodge podge mistaken for
actual knowledge

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