Post your DayZ experiences!

I am making this thread for everyone to share their DayZ mod or SA experiences (: I'll go first...

Videos only please, and only videos that you made!

My first murder in DayZ SA, I got a little trigger happy and ruined all of his gear though. This was in my first trip to the Balota airfield, a good but highly dangerous place to loot.

I have been playing since the mod and the game never gets old I probably put 1000 hours on the mod so I guess I am somewhat of a veteran.  I normally play with my friends usually a squad of 3 to 5 people depending who is online.  I was playing on Friday we had a squad of 4 at the Kabanio military base in the field and we took out a 4 person squad plus some other guys that was there so that was exciting.  With the handcuffs though we like to take people prisoner and get blood from them and such we don't kill everyone.  I am kind of disappointed at the moment though as people do not seem to like to get off the coast and there is not much action up north.  The 4 of us spent all Thursday and Friday going between the airfields, Vybor ect.. where there should be a lot of people and only found like 4 people and that squad of 4 and that was on full servers.  We went down to Balota like in the video and we saw a ton of people and a few fully geared squads so why they stick to the coast is a mystery I guess they like mowing down fresh spawns even though they don't want their gear (nothing against you you are not that geared and balota is a known murder zone).  They need to add a higher value gun or gear and put the random heli crashes back in the north to draw people off the coast or something its a little annoying.  But it makes it easy to get good gear fast there is not as many people looting it.

I recorded this probably a week ago when I first started playing.

But yeah, not a lot of people up north at all. I have seen two players in my 30 hours of SA playtime at the Northeast airfield. You don't see it in my video, but that guy fired at my friend who is the control tower. In game chat I played like I didn't know who my friend was. I don't kill new spawns unless they run at me, and I warn them before hand. However today I did cuff one and leave him haha. I recorded that as well.

New and crazier things are always happening to me, and the game is a blast once you figure out what you are doing. However there is a lot I still don't know.

This is probably the weirdest thing that has happened to me in >1000hrs of Dayz... I'll let the video speak for itself. If you look on my channel there are also more Dayz videos but I must warn you as you go to the earlier videos my voice gets pretty high-pitched...

I don't even... lmao me and my friend are dying right now

In my 1000 plus I hours I have had so much weird shit happen.  I have also played a lot of Takistan life on Arma ii oa and that is just a fuck fest there are so many funny things that have happened on there too.

Another video, something that happened to me today...

This is why you shouldn't server hop... You will scare the shit out of players like me and get 30+ 5.56mm rounds fed into you.

You have to be a special kind of idiot to hop in Balota ATC.

Honestly. The sole fact alone that you spawn standing straight up in the tower would scare me out of doing that enough...

Can I revive this thread? If you wanna play Standalone with me then let me know, I have a TeamSpeak server.