Post your 3DMark Ice Storm scores

The whole Idea of this thread is to post the highest score by using the least demanding test.

Vanilla Ice Storm

Ice Storm Unlimited

Ice Storm is a 1280x720 mobile device test.

I have been overclocking and deleting old scores when I found I used to play with the 3DMark Ice Storm benchmark to generate ridiculously high score numbers.

Previous scores with a i5 CPU with GTX 660 SLI and a Core2quad CPU with a single GTX 660 GPU.

I am sure most of you can easily top 200,000 and someone out there can top 300,000.

Post your ridiculously high 3DMark Ice Storm official benchmark scores below.
Be sure to run Ice Storm Unlimited for a higher score and not the Vanilla Ice Storm bench by mistake.
I did not specify earlier. My bad.

Nexus 6P for lolz


I got a much lower score with a GTX 980 and a 4690k, something is definitely wrong with these numbers.

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I never said using the mobile test like normal people do was against the rules.
Touché Dude!
Lets see what your main rig scores.

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Ran it again and got 152419, might need to overclock this 980 and see if that does anything.

Also coil whine is a bitch doing this test.

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My PC was running slowly because I neglected it. I just got finished doing a fine tuning every setting in the control panel, cleaning junk files, defragging, overclocking CPU to 4.6 GHz then the GPU right to the edge tune-up.

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Might have to do that, I can get my 4690k to 4.6GHz but VRMs on the motherboard get super hot so I kept it at 4.4 GHz @ 1.250V. I also had my 970 overclocked but after my brother let me use his 980 I haven't got around to overclocking it yet.

980ti's are complete turds nowadays

maybe bringing my cpu back to 4.9 Ghz would help

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@kewldude007 you ran the Ice Storm Unlimited bench. I did not specify. My bad.

edit: but you did the right move anyway. sorry.

I'm sure you can beat my 188,573 score.

Also dig into your result details for your frames per second.
I got 1600 FPS in test 1 and 1900 FPS in test 2.

galaxy s7

189 069 with NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080(1x) and Intel Core i7-6800K
Graphics Score 393 883
Physics Score 67 047
GTX 1080Core clock 2,185 MHz

175,517 on ice storm

176,418 on ice storm unlimited

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CONGRATULATIONS! You are the 1st to beat me and you even had one hand behind your back.

@KuramaKitsune @Spectra2.0 @MichaelLindman @kewldude007
edit: Oops you did it right - Ice Storm Unlimited = post a much higher score.

The whole Idea of this thread is to post the highest score by using the least demanding test.

the only difference is unlimited is rendered off your main screen,
unlimited will have the highest scores
Devices that are too fast for Ice Storm will be prompted to run Ice Storm Extreme instead.

3DMark Ice Storm Unlimited

Use Ice Storm Unlimited CPUs and GPUs without vertical sync, display resolution scaling and other operating system factors affecting the result.

You are correct.
I was clicking on regular Ice Storm but reading Unlimited specs - D'oh!

I did better using Unlimited. I will edit my above comments.

danm, i love hearing that sentence

Don't get cocky.

i think you mean

Something wrong I think
This Is low for what i have.

IceStorm Unlimited

your drivers might be forcing vsynch ??
Ice Storm Graphics Test 11253.38 fps
lol well taht aint the issue
no clue man

Welll i might be a Driver issue
Top Card was running at 96C and Bottom running at 87c with fans off and i couldn't force them to 100%
Also noted though the benchmark my cards weren't under full load 70% was the max and it sat between 40 - 60%