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Post your 3D-Drawings

As some in this community might be familiar with one or the other CAD programm, I figured we might want to share our best, worst or first creations.
To prevent confusion:
It does not have to be AutoCAD. LegoDigitalDesigner, Giants Editior, 123D Design, Fritzing, Pencil drawing, YOU name it! Post it!

So here we go! Design away!



I can't afford a 3D printer so I made my own. (printed on the Formlabs Form 1+)

Full disclosure:
I cheated a little bit by starting with a public domain CAD file. In order to shrink it for 3D printing, I had to greatly reduce the details and parts count (nuts, bolts, etc.). Then I fattened up some parts so they could be printed. No shop could print it except for the guys with the Form 1+.

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For the canopy I used a observation bubble from a PBY Catalina R/C airplane.

My Masters thesis was modeling and performing a finite element structural analysis on the frame of the Lotus 7 sports car.


I did some stuff in blender back in highschool...


Finally a real drawing for this rubber ring, specifically a punch to make them

shit I forgot a dimension

overall thickness is .5 inch

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Nothing too crazy

Back panel to use RCA on an ODAC

NZXT S340 power button for use with Omron B3F-10XX switches

Beyer by meri DT 990 earcups

"PiGrrl" custom enclosure. Too large to print on my printer :( 99.3% sure I'll be redoing it.

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 |\              |\
 |  \____________|__\
 |   |           |   |
 |___|___________|   |
  \  |            \  |

Lego Digital Designer is also CAD, isn´t it?


I failed to read the OP - where it said CAD. I just read the title and felt I could contribute.

Apologies for derailing your thread.


You did that thing on a computer, did you?
And the computer aided you.
And you designed something
Computer Aided Design happend!
Updated OP

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I've only dabbled in 3d art. I wish a had the patience to stick with it.

Way back in the 90's when I was using AutoCAD at work, I came up with an idea for a game I called LegoCAD.

Then Notch invented Minecraft.

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ftfy @CrossCarbon

Added the tail

I realized your version would not print that well being a 20mm thick solid block.

Hollowed out shell for 3D printing. Will 3-4mm thick work @kewldude007 ?


Got a couple of simple solidworks models on grabcad.

Currently using 3DS Max to do modelling where I'm working now. Making a house to practice. I'll do a quick render on Monday.

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Yeah well, that is the difference between CNC mills and 3D Printers.

Well... now we have models suitable for both additive and subtractive mfg.