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Post pictures of what you ate!



Where u live?


Unfortunately very far from you :frowning:

I live in Chicago.


Those are very nice meats.


Damn. I actually met a guy going to LSU right now from there. And a friend from here playing CounterStrike in college in Chicago lol


Whole Foods has a good selection of steaks


Hmmm. I think we have a Whole Foods somewhere around here.

I’ll have to get some meats there. I usually get meat from a cheap Kroger type store. The meats are not good quality.


Local grocery stores tend to have the best meats. I haven’t bought meat from a Walmart or anything like that in a while


Made some gluten-free crêpes.


Honey glazed pork chops with garlic and jasmine rice…


Veggie sausage patties, steamed broccolini, scrambled eggs, a little caramel scone, and an egg with polenta cake.


where you get those patties? they look good


They’re made in-house at work (this is work breakfast, which is pretty awesome - no I don’t work at a restaurant), but they’re very similar to the Morningstar Farms patties.


You riding your bike to work yet? Lol


No, traffic is fucking scary right now because the bike path I’d normally be able to take for most of the way has no outlet near my building. Hooray construction! Definitely not used to this!

Holy shit the egg with polenta cake was amazing. Going to be having one of these every morning the rest of the week for sure.


What’s the difference between a polenta cake and cornbread?


Polenta is basically boiled cornflour… When it’s cooked and cooled down it solidifies. Solidified thong can be grilled or fried or whatever. That is polenta.
Cornered is… Well… Bread…


Leftover chili that looks akin to dog food.

With chopsticks because for whatever reason I can’t find a spoon at work, but I can find chopsticks.


Veggie burger


Made hot wings.

In hindsight, I probably ate too much.


I would give up and just drink it, then use the chopsticks to push the chunky bits in.