Post pics of your battlestations [nvm this I am blind]

I tried to search old threads where one can share his/her PC set ups, but they are all really old.
So I thought, maybe create a new thread where we can share our battle stations, coz we all love computers right?

Laptops, desktops, servers, home labs, all are welcome!

I'll start:

This is considered to be the mega thread for posting battle stations.

Last post on it was 5 hours ago.

well I am bilnd... sorry, can mods delete this?

Not a problem. We all miss this kind of stuff on a regular basis.
@moderators ?

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how can I notify mods, to remove this? I am kinda new here :P

Could rename the OP title to something else.

Like, Post pics of your battlestations' room. Then people would take pictures of the room where their battlestation is in.

Because some people have their rooms tricked out in LED lights and stuff.

If there's a market for it, sure :)

But am not sure if there is actually. Don't want to spam.