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Post Intresting Open Source Projects

That is really cool!

Gramps - Research, organize, and share your family tree

It’s more of a toolkit for genealogy research than just a family tree program.


Ledger - Plain-text accounting

Put in text file:

2015/10/12 Exxon
    Expenses:Auto:Gas         $10.00
    Liabilities:MasterCard   $-10.00

Output useful stuff.

$ ledger -f your-file.dat balance
              $10.00  Expenses:Auto:Gas
             $-10.00  Liabilities:MasterCard

Plain-text accounting has it’s own cult is a broader concept, but ledger is a great example of it.


OpenRGB - For all your RGB configuration (still in the early stages).

Intends to bring a universal RGB controll program to all the RGB mess that’s going on with todays PCs.

Linux and Windows yay!

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Serpent OS


GNU-less Linux distribution. 0 interest in being compatible with MacOS or Windows.

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That is amazingly fresh and new… I’m interested.

This is a project setting out to use Linux as Linux should be used.

No idea what that means tho.

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It means whatever you want it to mean :upside_down_face: :tux:

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This is awesome, thanks for opsting.

PrivacyToolsList - fresh list of open source privacy oriented software


This is absolutely brilliant.

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