Possibly the best MMO out there

So i've been doing some research into new and recent MMOs and come across this jewel.


bitch don't know bout my lvl 80 wolf battle mage!

Yeah I beta tested this, it's fucking epic.

No comment...

BUT! Can it beat WOW?!

lol im getting it


100% Kick ass product


When it crackled half way through I shit myself. :P

haha! amazing im getting it right now

it won "best animation of all time"

We should make like a super organized guild. With epic raids..with wolfes (put ninjasmiley here)

Wow.... i thought this was fake at first lol. I'm tempted to play XD

when did this come out ?


you can download it now


someone get it

Did anyone watch Dino Riders as a kid? Now that would make a good MMO.

i never tried MMOs and i don't want to i takes too much time plus u pay to play online kinda sucks..