Possibly selling my GPU XFX 7870

I am possibly selling my 7870 if the price is right and if I can convince my parrents to sell online. Im asking 200 for a practicly new xfx 7870 I literaly got it a month ago. I just want a better gpu. I have more cash now that I bought it and would like an upgrade.

pics http://adf.ly/ReTEq


You can buy a new retail HD7870 for $200

well yea but I really dont need to sell. If you dont wanna for the price then dont buy.

$125. XFX is really bleh...

It runs prety well. It dosnt get to hot when gaming and I live in a really hot house

Ya dude you can get a new one for 200 :/ I dont think anyone will want to buy a used gpu even if you do say its practicly new. Just saying man.

u can get a gigabyte 7870

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