Possible to use mini pci-e card in m.2 slot?

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I am considering upgrading to a skylake motherboard from my haswell one, primarily to increase my RAM from 16GB to 32GB. This is a mini-ITX system, so only 2 RAM slots are possible.

My only hesitation is that the mobo which best fits my needs has an m.2 slot, whereas my current machine has a mini pcie card slot. I am using a mini pci-e card which will not be ever made as an m.2 card, and I want to keep using it if possible.

I have seen a few adapters to convert a mini pci-e slot to m.2, but none that go the other way around. Has anyone seen this, or have any alternative ideas on how to do this?

As long as the m.2 is wired to the Pcie (pay attention to that some are SATA only) and if there is an adapter in existence? Then yeah it would work.

So this?

Clearance will be an issues

What card are you using that is mpcie
And why not just get a 2x16gb ddr3 kit?

I believe the item you link to goes in the wrong direction, unless I am mistaken. I did however find the product I was looking for here:


The mini pci-e card I have is for firewire. I am planning to buy a presonus audio interface that uses firewire. The product I have is this:

More interestingly though - what are these 16gb RAM chips of which you speak? My motherboard (gigabyte h87n wifi), along with all other *87 series motherboards to my knowledge, lists a maximum memory of 8gb per slot. Is it possible to surpass this?

If you just need one FireWire port couldn't you use something like this?

I thought Firewire couldn't be directly converted to USB because of different styles of data transmission?

Correct, it cannot be converted.

I have no idea what that product from ebay does, other than cost you $3.64 :-) it might be able to pass power through but that's it.

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Yeah your board only supports 16gb of system ram officially, dont know if a 2x16gb kit would work

Is that not true of all haswell boards? (as opposed to haswell-e or other board supporting ECC / Registered memory)

I brain farted, the 2x16 kit i saw was ddr4 the ddr3 stuff is registered ecc and i know nothing of that stuff