Possible setup

hi im new to building computers and such but i have a general idea on how it all ties together. im looking to build my own pc for fps such a battlefield 3,arma2/3, and good fps basically.. the computer i have right now has an ATI graphics card.. that should tell you about how much quality gaming i get out of it. but here are the specs im going to buy in the near future and im just putting it up here to see if any of you more experienced guys can tell me if something wont fit or doesnt run well with that paticullar part and general in game performance.

CPU-AMD phenom II x4 965 black 3.4GHZ (will this bottleneck my GPU?)


Memory-A-data XPG gaming series 8 GB (2x4GB) DDR3-1600

Graphics card- Nvidia Geforce gtx 560

optical drive-sony black sata DvD-Rom

Power supply- corsair cx430 v2 (not modular and could you explain the deference between the two)

storage- i was thinking of taking the HHD out of my current comp (which is 280GB) and going somewhere to get it wiped out execpt for the Os. is that possable?


if you could reply and give me some answers to the questions and any suggestions. that comes out to around $450 which is ideal but wont mind going up to 5 for little boosts here and there. THANKS!!!!!!!! :)

You are going to want to up on the power supply to at least a 600-750 watt just to be on the safe side. Also make sure the PSU is 80% certified

will do thanks!

the difference between a modular and a non modular is that non modular psus have all the cables permanatly attached to the psu and on modular ones the cables can be pluged in whenever you need them so the cable management would be better

ohhh ok but do the wires come with the power supply or the part it self, or do you need to buy it completly seperate?

would a TX650 V2 650W ATX12V work? and its 80% bronze


The wires come with the power supply as they are attached to it, if it's modular - they also come together with it.

Setup looks good, if you are looking to overclock then I'd change out the motherboard as MSI is a no go for AMD overclock as they tend to blow out more than others.

I would also rather go for a ATI 6870 as opposed to 560 as it is a better performer and is cheaper. 

I agree. You should go with maybe this 6870 and this motherboard. As for the power supply the TX-650 V2 will do nicely.

ok thanks!

Would grab a GTX 560 Ti instead of a normal 560, a little more expensive but much better performance.

http://www.tigerdirect.com/applications/searchtools/item-Details.asp?EdpNo=3851370&sku=B69-0588 This combo will let you get a better videocard. 


you will have about 200-300 surplus watts in you system with thins

80plus and single rail

Looks great. Get a SeaSonic X-560W PSU. 660W if you're going for SLI later. Shames there are no 80+ Platinum rated PSUs in the 400-800W category.

I'd avoid that, motherboard looks really cheap and like it wouldn't handle a 125w CPU very well. Knowing MSI's mobos on AMD, I would really just add extra $$ for that asrock extreme3 suggested above.