Possible 1st Build-Help Needed!


I posted yesturday but altered my specifications:

To keep things simple, I'm new to the whole PC building experience. I REALLY want to learn how to do it however, I'm in a bind. The current computer I use now [laptop] is starting to show exetreme signs of failure. It's very slow & can't handle my needs. My needs are being a YouTuber & this current computer can't handle what I need it to do.

Basically I am asking for some serious help! I need to have a new PC ASAP & although I want to learn & do the experience myself, I'm in a rush to get a new PC quick. Soon after I plan to build my own when I get more money around the holidays.

Overall quick & simple, I want to be able to watch HD YouTube videos & twitch.tv streams. Be able to render videos with Sony Vegas at a smooth speed. Have a good graphics card. Have a good amount of memory/RAM. And of course, to be fast so like a brand new computer! Thanks again to anyone can help. More details below.

If anyone can help I basically would love it if someone or some people can look for parts for me to buy so I can build one. The summary of what I'm looking for in my PC are as follows:

-Price range: $450 USD

-Able to run multiple open programs at the same time. Such as Sony Vegas 12, YouTube, iTunes, twitter etc...

-Good graphics - able to watch 720p/1080p YouTube videos or HD live streams on twitch.tv and have it look amazing. Maybe even to run RuneScape on max settings.

-Good amount of memory/RAM

-3+ USB ports

-Microphone/audio jack to use headphones & use a PC michrophone

-Cooling system [whether it's 1 or multiple fans]

-HDMI ports

If I can get parts for making a computer like this for under or near $450 USD it would mean the world to me! Please try to help me as this would be the nicest thing for my situation of being right now! Thanks for anyone who does & you are amazing if you help! :)

It would be worth waiting a little for a littel extra money. Also, do you have a monitor or TV you could use? do you have a webcam or video camera you can use already? Mouse? keyboard?

I am hoping the $450 is just for the computer itself because it will greatly improve performance.

At brass tax you cant really build a machine for rendering on this budget, but it will do the other tasks you are looking for easily. The good news is that you can add a $200+ video card for good rendering and gaming capability later. There are quality parts here that will last you a while.

here is what I have based on that assumpotion:


I have $300 of my own and my parents are giving me $200 for my passed birthday which was a few weeks ago. So standing right now I have $500. I have a decent monitor and I have a 33" flat screen Coby TV. I do not have a camera. I have a mouse. I plan to get a Razer-type brand keyboard or something smooth like one. I could ask for an early christmas gift so I can get a nice monitor/keyboard/webcam. 

Can you try to make me a build that has everything I need for now until I upgrade my machine? Like can you please try to throw something together with my desires for about 500? OR does the build you just gave me in the link have everything I need? Cus I didn't see a graphics card in there. Unless I just didn't know it by name?

The build has built in graphics. It is an APU processor. So you can use that for now until you can afford a graphics card.. maybe use that christmas money for a 7950.. Maybe

Now if you could get that extra money now and buy everything in one go, then that would change the build entirely. Then we would be looking at (maybe) a $700 dollar budget and you wouldnt need an APU system to upgrade later. (I am assuming christmas gifts are equal to birthday gifts). Here is what I would put together on a $700 budget:


As far as camera, I would look for what ever fits your budget or plan to do. I have a logitech c310 that does 720p at 30fps... i got it for $20 on sale.

as far as keyboard.. I think razor is overpriced.. its good quality, but its too expensive for what you get. Considering your tight budget, just get a cheap keyboard or a free one from craigslist.

If you CANT get that $200 christmas money then I would recommend

http://pcpartpicker.com/p/1xcmK again, and use your extra money for your youtube videos. This will render... but slowly.

This will still be upgradable with something like a GTX 660 or better yet a 7950 for MUCH better gaming and rendering, but the processor isnt as good as the AMD FX 6300, not to say that it is bad by any means.

Hold off on a keyboard in favor of your camera and or graphics cards. that will let you do all the things you want/need to do and last you a couple years too.

I'm gonna go with this build. It fits the budget for myself more & it seems to fit nicely all around. http://pcpartpicker.com/p/1xcmK

As for a monitor/keyboard/webcam I will just look for basic ones through eBay & maybe some other websites. Thanks for the help & I will be sure to throw you a HUUGE thanks when I make my video for my new build & what it looks like! :)

Cool man, glad I can help. a couple pro tips:

  1. The core 3000 comes with 3 fans, take teh rear fan and put it on the front so you have two intakes at teh front and one exhaust on the top. This will help keep the incoming air through the dust screens and keep yoru components dust free.
  2. Install windows and key programs to your SSD and keep all your project files and media files on the HDD. You can even take the HDD out of your laptop and install it to the new desktop.

Edit: Project and media files should go on the HDD, not the SSD. It is more reliable storage.

Well today is most likely the day I'm gonna order my parts & I've decided to go with your $700 build. I've tried to get more people to help but I like this one in particular for some reason. I like the case itself because it looks like it has a dust filter in the front which is very helpful for cleaning and maintenance.  http://pcpartpicker.com/p/1xjgC I like everything about it & it seems to be that it will run great for the next 4-5 years (I hope!) I already have a monitor but maybe somewhere along the lines I will go and get a better resolution one anyway. Is there a way I can talk to you about this build? Like Xbox live?

It seems that feralshadow and I think very similar when it comes to budget builds lol. I have an almost identical build on pcpartpicker; that corsair LP memory is a sweet deal for sure.I put the G.Skill ripjaws though because I'm really bad about mail in rebates personally.


If you can try to get the motherboard and CPU from Microcenter. Saves you like 40 bucks.