Portable Mini-ITX with Gaems Case

I've been thinking about building a Mini-ITX rig for some time to have a portable gaming rig. The downside however, for it to actually be portable, I would need to carry a monitor with me as well (there isn't always an HDTV available to plug up to). Carrying around a monitor with me all the time is obviously less than ideal, so I've been looking at other options.

Does anyone have any experience with GAEMS Personal Gaming Environments? I was wondering how good/bad of an idea it would be to try to use it for an mini-itx rig, perhaps something like this. Have any of you tried anything like this before?

I think your best bet is to just build a pc on the back of a monitor, or get an all in one. Then you can easily carry it around and still have a decent sized monitor. Kind of like the AIO that Linus reviewed: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2pFAP4j1FgU

In that case, know of any good mITX vesa mountable gaming cases for me to do my own build in?