Portable K8s edge compute stack

Hi All,

I’m looking for some feedback to a project I’m in the early stages of kicking off.

So my background is I’ve done a lot of work as DevOps/Platform engineer in the consultancy area, mostly AWS but also Azure. To be honest most projecta are just going through the same motions looking for improvements, at least in the grand scheme of things.

The problem I see often on projects at various companies is they don’t know how to create project templates from a code point of view so say setting up a CICD pipeline has to be developed from scratch. This is also because IP belongs solely to clients without any mechanism for general feedback (don’t know why suspect sales being inconsiderate of their own engineers).

I’m interesting in offering recipes for project development by offering a la carte solutions.
What would this look like ?
Imagine a helm umbrellla chart with from scratch templates for your devs microservices, github actions ready to build your containers and charts, as well as platform toolset integration whether a saas integration like actions prisma cloud for example or “on prem” as jfrog artifact storage.

On top of that I want to offer agnostic solutions by making solutions cloud native viable options (example CSI drivers) and bare metal compatibility.
As far as I can tell it provide more value making an arm compatible stack for those who want on site cluster compute.

The goal is to high lift and shift compatible, provide a la carte agility, reduce project time from a standard 9 months to 3 months, as well as offer it to the opensource community. Realistically I don’t see for some time creating a project from the press of a button but 90% of the code could be off the shelf in my opinion with the glue between components already solved.

Happy to provide more details on my provisional stack and wanting to hear people’s thought on pit falls I haven’t considered.


So a cloud app framework of sorts … that opines on cloud parts and not on the app parts?

Yeah sorta, I suppose you could think about it similar to how a front end boilerplate functions but for cloud.