Portable DAC, lost in the sea

Hi dear community. I’ve been looking for the past month to buy a portable DAC but I’ve been overwhelmed by the options and the all over the place reviews of every single product that don’t include any fact to base my decision upon. So I’m asking you fellow people the help that I need to hopefully make my listening experience better than it is.

Things the DAC I’m looking for should have:

  • 80€ max price
  • compatible with smartphone (I have an OTG cable and my phone accepts output through USB C)
  • 24bit/96KHz at least (I’ve got all the music I like in that format or even 192KHz)
  • possibly like a Dragonfly Black or smaller, no bulky things to strap to my phone
  • no DSD or 32bit/768KHz support which I don’t need
  • reliable I guess
  • to be paired with 8Hz to 45000Hz in ears

I know it’s a lot but I can’t really trust reviews online. I prefer having your unbiased opinion and facts about what might fit my use case. Thanks a lot!

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