Porsche Design Laptop?

I just saw this on an email from massdrop.

Link: https://www.massdrop.com/buy/porsche-design-book-one-touchscreen-notebook?&mode=guest_open

Wow I did not even know Porsche made laptops… Well Porsche Design, which I gather is a different company, they made an advent calander ffs a few years ago with a boat at one of the gifts.

Either way back to the laptop, I had a feeling it would not be great but wow… This kind of hurts.

OS: win10 Pro
CPU: i7 7500U (2c4t 2.7-3.5Ghz)
GPU: iris 620
RAM: 16gb 1866 ddr4
SSD: 512gb pcie
Screen: 3200x1800 touch screen

Itnis a tablet plus keyboard design, all though USB C docking.

I never knew they made laptops. Looksmlike a surface made to rival and McaBook… Comes in at $1200 from massdrop or around 1400 elsewhere.

Opinion time: Amazing that a name can sell this. I don’t particularly see it as a “good” laptop. It is fine sure but way too expensive and unbalanced.

Just thought I would share. Thoughts. Kind of caught me.off guard.


You really don’t understand the market in that case.


That looks like a nice laptop. A shame it doesn’t come with either 8th-Gen Intel or AMD Raven Ridge.

Linus made a review of some Porsche laptop before :stuck_out_tongue:

Conclusion, you either shop for brand name and machining quality or you get something with better price/performance ratio. Nothing new.

“Porsh Design”

It looks pretty good, however real Porsches have more curves :stuck_out_tongue:

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wants to see a skoda laptop

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Included bloatware:
The VAG corporations patented emission cheating software

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All temperature sensors report values 20°C lower than the true value.

Yeah okay that was stupid. Yeah sure names sell. But Porsche is not the “correct” name to sell a laptop. It just seems really odd.

They market themselves as a lifestyle brand, in the same way that other high-end car manufacturers do.

Not like they’re losing money selling stuff at such ridiculous prices. There’ll be someone with an inflated ego who will buy it.

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“There’ll be someone with an inflated ego who will buy it.”

Realest statement I’ve read today.

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I picked up a ferarri branded netbook a few years back. I have no idea if it was an officially licensed thing or not but I put it in the “Do not recycle” pile and promptly forgot about it. I’ll see if I can dig it out and post some pics

Next up…

Porsche Ram & Porsche SSD’s :smiley:

I remember those. Lol. They looked so wrong to me but I understood them. They were usually asus or Acer laptops with Ferrari badges on.

This though seems to have no name behind it other than Porsche Design, which is what really strikes me as odd. It does not have a reputable PC name behind it and for the price… It seems.like this will be a bad laptop in short order and who deals with problems? All of it seems odd.

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