POPOS with Dual monitors


so first time caller long time listener , I got a question/s

around a year ago I tried installing popos , and I spent a good while and had fun getting most of everything I need to stay in Linux Land working.

however I was not able to get my main Monitor to not show screen tearing (while gaming) even though I have G-sync, as far as I can tell its because my monitor is running 120hz G-sync and the other monitor is not and only running 60hz.

it works if the G-sync monitor is the only one connected.

i am running dual boot so with that not working I finding my self spending most of my time in my windows desktop

if you still reading this now is when I get around to asking the questions

have anyone tried the new popos with a similar setup?

if i had 2 identical monitors with same refresh rate and G-sync would that work ?

i really love Popos, but dual monitors is also something i really love.

Just the fact that you can now play games in Linux and the setup is really nice, like the autotiling windows in popos and app store…ETC

it has sort of ruined windows for me, kinda wish i had not tried it

you advice would be appreciated

Best Regards:D

That’s pretty much not a Pop-OS Problem, but a Linux (X) Issue. And yes, it still remains.

Basically, if you’re running an Nvidia Card, you are stuck with X-Org. The way X works is, that all your Monitors are basically one big screen in Terms of your OS. That#s why it works when only your G-Sync Monitor is connected, but as soon as a secondary Monitor is connected, that lowest common denominator (60Hz) will be used.

Gnome and others are doing a lot of work to get this to work better (mixed DPI and Mixed Refreshrate). But basically all of that development is done in wayland. And for that, you need a non Nvidia GPU. But with that, G-Sync won’t work.

All of this is a long way of saying: Non it didn’t change. And with Nvidia it won’t (because Nvidia doesn’t care to work with the OpenSource community at all).

Seems more like an open vs closed ecosystem issue to me.

Thanks for you answer.

knowing what the issue is can help me make informed decision in the future, maybe I need to make sure my next GPU works in Wayland.

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That’s certainly a good idea. With both Gnome and Plasma on most Major Distributions pushing for Wayland usage, it’s pretty save to assume it’ll be the future.

But that won’t mean no issues, especially when it comes to Gaming. Don’t get me wrong, a LOT has gotten better in the past years, but in the end, Linux Users still have a non-existent Marketshare when it comes to Gaming. Windows has decades of work put into it and not a lot of companies are interested in heavily investing in a sub 1% share of their market. So, as with everything Linux, you should expect to put work in yourself to get a lot of stuff to work, and some things just wont.

If gaming is a big Part for you, maybe get a low-end last gen AMD GPU for Linux and dedicate your Nvidia GPU to a VM? Pass that thing through and you can basically get Native Gaming performance in a Windows VM with Gsync and all. You get all the good Linux Desktop stuff and can fire up your VM for all of those Games that won’t work well under Linux. At least until the situation gets better.
And last gen AMD cards (assuming you’ve got the space in your Rig) are pretty cheap to get.

IDK vfio has made a lot of things pretty promising, and even then dual booting once in a blue moon to play apex isn’t that bad. But in the largest timeframe of your day, that takes like, what, 20 seconds total? And that’s just if the user didn’t want to try vfio.

i don’t mind doing a bit of work getting things to work most of the time its fun.

gaming is a big part for me, an i must say i was really happy to see how well it works now in linux

the suggestion with the AMD card, i would love to use that suggestion i see myself as a fairly competent windows guy but i am equally confident i dont know how to setup a VM in Linux and pass the Nvidia card

i do however think it is a elegant solution to my issue/problem, i just don’t feel confident that i can pull it off.

i am really a hard person to please

on windows i feel like it holds my hand way to mutch its like HEY let go your crushing my hand

on linux its like ok i am getting lost in all of the options i have, can someone please hold my hand before i spent a week finding the most awesom font in the world

I think it’s common to feel that way with Linux. I’m similar to you in that regard. Analysis Paralysis…

I think it’s important to realize that, although you HAVE all the options with Linux, you really don’t need to test/know them all to make a great decision. I’ve been distrohopping for years trying all the WM’s under the sun etc. I’m now on PopOS, run Gnome with a custom theme and treat Linux a lot more like Windows. It works, does it’s job and that’s fine. I now only ever look for new stuff if i need to solve a Problem, or want to fiddle with something for fun. I have a second HDD for that though.

So yeah, there’s no need to get lost. Pop-OS is a great choice already. From here on, i’d only worry about solving Problems, not finding new ones :wink:

wise words.

i also thinks its a matter of being realistic with the time you have i have two small children if i want to unwind with a game when they are put to bed i can either chose to play it on windows as i am doing now, or spend the time trying to get it to work on linux, and if my skill (or lack of) that will in must cases take all my free time

so at the moment its just not for me

i think once my free time increases i will give it another try using your suggestion with the dual GPU and virtual windows in popos