Pop_OS (Ubuntu): Startup Disk Creators

If you haven’t tried Pop, its pretty neat.:white_check_mark:

How do I disable all animations?:white_check_mark:

Edit: I cannot get any usb startup disk creator to work, for various reasons, most of which are beyond me. Can someone, help me?

And I can’t get unetbootin to work?

Opening it I get this:

Closing it I get this:

Regarding disabling animation, I’m pretty sure it’s in settings, or you have to install gnome-tweak-tool.
I know I’ve seen it somewhere.

I ran across a bug where if you rename your host name via the settings option it can potentially hose your hosts file, so take a look at that. /etc/hosts (just a suggestion, I doubt if it applies).

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I found gnome tools and it works like a charm. Still not able to cure unetbootin