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Pop!_OS not scaling properly to a TV (Black border around usable space)

This is annoying. I have black bars about 2 inchs in margin around my picture on pop. The resolution says 1920x1080, which indeed it is on a 1080p tv. Now my problem with the bars is not present on windows. I have messed with the TV to change from 16x9 to fit the screen and the border is still there. I vaguely remember ubuntu had an option to optimize for tv use I thought I might give that a shot, but I dont have that option in the displays settings.

@Trooper_ish any ideas?

The setting is called overscan I believe.

Absolutely nothing for that in the PopOS settings?

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I do not see anything in popos settings…

I had this issue on random cheapo tv. It has a setting in the TV menu acessed with the remote.

Its called “HDMI MODE” with 3 settings, Audio, Video and PC. Only PC doesnt produce borders on pop os.

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Like @nbm suggests, it might be on the TV side; if you do Ctl+Alt+F3 for a terminal screen, does it look to use the whole screen?
If the cursor/writing is offset like the black bars are still there, I think it might be TV side.
If the writing is the very top left, the like @w.meri suggests, there is probably a setting to change.

Ctl+Alt+F7 Or F1 to go back to the desktop…

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I just figured it might be the drivers. There were the open source drivers that comes preinstalled with popos. I did the nvidia proprietary ones and it is fixed. F for open source.

Keep in mind this tv is 10 years old or just about and the popos box I am using is 2nd gen i series. So old hardware. Even the gpu is shite. It is a gt 610.

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Grrr indeed.

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