Poor overclocking with a Asus R9 290

I am only able to achieve overclocks to about 1075 with this card without seeing artifacts, I've messed around with voltages and diff power limits but nothing I do helps. Did I just get a horribly binned card or what?



reference model, or custom cooler? that makes a big difference. i've dealt with a few of these, and for whatever reason i've never been successful in overclocking the reference models. plus they're WAY too friggan loud.

What are your temps? You'll need more voltage, but temps are an issue. Are you messing with the memory clock? Because that's usually what causes artifacts.

Temps where fine, about 80c core 75c VRM at 1300mv

Yes, but when you give it the voltage that it needs for the OC, the temps will be an issue.

From what I found, at 1100Mhz the moire voltage I gave it the quicker it started produced artifacts.

If increasing voltage causes artifacts to occur sooner then its not a issue of card binning, there is something going wrong. My advice is to turn everything back to stock settings and start again, working ONLY on core clock on the gpu. If the problem doesn't reappear, great problem solved turn the memory clocks ect back up and test one last time to make sure they aren't the issue. If not I would avoid stressing the card for to long till you can fin the issue, if its thermally related it can cause permanent damage and your warranty is void if they can blame your overclock, so gaming ect on stock settings makes sense till you sort the issue out. Below is my brainstorm of ideas that may be related to the problem.

You may be having a thermal issue somewhere you can't see the temperatures, or be getting incorrect readings. For instance I know that my GPU memory temperature is measured only on the first memory IC, and due to location (and maybe a little luck) it runs up to 8 degrees C cooler than its brethren, so if I didn't know that quirk I could see a similar problem. This can even be as extreme as a temperature being misbranded in some cases, like memory being called VRM or vice versa.

You may have a software issue like, for instance you may have a auto voltage or clock speed control setting that you have left on accidentally or the program you are using to overclock (if your use software like MSI afterburner or AMD overdrive) may not override some of the factory settings.

You may be getting voltage fluctuations or even just constant low voltage from you PSU, its sounds hard to believe that this is the issue but the more you overclock not only do you draw more power, but you also become more sensitive to line noise. This has actually been the cause of the problem in a thread a few weeks ago.

Finally if all else fails it may actually be a hardware fault, I have never heard of this happening but its certainly possible so if you still have warranty left and have tried everything then RMA it, but it could take months and get you a card worse than your current one (they often replace with repaired RMA stock) and cost a ton in postage, so if you can live with your fault (eg no issue at stock speed) its still valid to do so.