Pokki - Windows 8 Start Menu

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I just found this piece of software called Pokki. This is another 3rd party start menu for Windows 8, and it's quite decent actually. If Microsoft had kept the start menu, but redesigned it to match the metr.. *cough* sorry, Modern UI look, I can imagine that it would look something like that.

Some things to be aware of:

  • A little bit slow (Opening up the start menu with the Windows key poses a slight delay)
  •  Win+Q/W still takes you to the metr.. Modern UI
  •  No "universal" search, but there is a favorites category. Applications can be tagged as favorite inside the start menu
  • Has its own app store/market. The Mini Gmail is pretty nice
  • It can disable those annoying hot corners in the desktop environment (brilliant)
  • Can make Windows boot to desktop much like Start8 (brilliant)
  • Allows you to press the windows key in order to go back from the Modern UI interface, even if you're in a Modern UI app. (brilliant)

I think you guys should give it a shot

Read more about it here:



This looks okay.
I'm using Classic Shell though, with it you can disable all the shitty corner hotspots and it has all the functionality you could want.

looks.... like the launcher in mint.....

Classic shell is better, it includes an actually working search bar