Pokemon Trading & Discussion! | Pokemon Sword/Shield

I have beaten SWSH recently, and was wondering if anyone would be interested in trading pokemon!
Also, this would be for if you have any other information about SWSH e.g. exploits, glitches, tips.

If you want to trade pokemon, leave it in the format :slight_smile:


Additional comments:

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You can easily “reroll” for max raid spawns! This can be used to grind for a rare spawn (purple beam).

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Beat the game some time last week as well.
Trying to complete the Dex atm.
Have pretty much every single Sword Exclusive, just need the Shield exclusives now.

I’m only 1/2 the way through the “Galar Dex”. Then there was the part where I decided after I got to the breeder that I was going to do an Eeveelution run so my start screen would be eeveelutions. I’m playing Shield.

Got Galarian Ponytas and Eevee’s, only thing that is going to be a pain to get is a farfetch’d with a leek to evolve into a sirfetch’d.

Need to look more at Shield exclusives so I can get more of those for trade.


Once you got your Farfetchd it’s really easy. Even if you don’t have a Leek. Go fight a metapod pop a dire hit and use fury cutter. Just 3 crits. Worst case you do so little damage that you have plenty of chances to land 3 in a row.
I got a spare if you want. I will happily take a Ponyta off you haha.

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Sure, I would trade one for a sword exclusive.

Also have Corsola, Larvitar and Croagunk. Still working on the other ones.

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You can give me a list and I can prep some eggs to trade.

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Still need…


And just started breeding Lunatones, thing didn’t want go into a quick ball and it would use explosion in 2-3 moves.

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Oh brutal. Have you gotten your catching charm from the hotel in Circhester?

Only got the Oval charm from there.
Now I have it.

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Looking for a

kind of long list

Machamp (I have a machoke)
Evolve my Pumpkaboo
Touch trade for Applton
Swirlix ready to evolve
If you have a spritzee I have a sachet.
You can have the aromateese back… that thing is disturbing.
Evolve a Rhydon
I have a Karrablast if you have a shelmet
Touch trade Zamazenta.

Pretty much all of the Shield exclusives lol

I have the ones you were looking for ready.

Was just breeding Sptizee, probably have a Machamp in a box somewhere, will look real quick. Got locate Zamazenta real quick can swap the dogs back and forth.

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Then figure out how direct link trading works in this version…

Guess you click Y then enter a code. Then use the same code to start the trading?

Probably be a few more minutes, looks like we just pick a code.

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Ok, just got to choose a code and decide if we want to use something like discord to communicate.

I set it to 5550
My discord is Theonewhoisdrunk#9311
I am cool with voice or text.

Set code to 5550, got no idea how to message people in discord that are not on a friends list.

All good, are you on the L1 Tech Discord?
Can post in gaming

I can jump in there.