PoE+ and non-PoE on the same patch panel?

Just a quick question to all the members who work a lot with rack-mounted hardware.

Is it a good idea to put PoE+ and non-PoE devices on the same patch panel or is it a smarter idea to keep them on separate patch panels? The reason why I wondered is because of the grounding of the cables and possible interference for the non-PoE devices.

The PoE+ devices would be on gigabit while the non-PoE devices would be around half RJ45 10 GBit/s Ethernet and half standard gigabit.

If you have a label maker and your colleagues are not blind then I wouldn't see a problem. But if someone not from your team came in how do you think they would understand it.

This setup would be just for me since I am planning to deploy this at my own house. I will of course document it, so I will remember myself in a few years :wink: