Podcast RSS Feed?

Hey - im trying to subscribe to the news show podcast but the URL on this page seems old and dead :frowning: level1techs com/article/podcasts-are-here

Do you have a new URL that I can use to download the news show?

Thanks for all the links :slight_smile:

Arent those for patreons subs only?

No idea, but it returns a 500 error currently.
That page is from over 5 years ago, so no idea if they even still publish a feed.

I literally just got here from a web search wondering if there is a “podcast” fees available… I knew that link existed, but also know it’s been dead for years.
Is the audio only version of the news available anywhere else than YouTube? I can’t afford Patreon, and don’t really care for the extra bonus stuff anyway… I had no issues with YouTube until recently, but it’s become increasingly bad at recommending news style content lately, and new L1 content rarely shows up in my feed (it loves to tell me about ancient ones though).

So anyway, my similar query was whether L1 News is on any other platforms like Spotify or Google Podcasts, or whatever… I don’t mind if it’s split into episodes like the YouTube stuff.