Podcast App Recommendation?

So I was using Pocket Casts when I had my LG V35 because I liked it more than the Google one. Then when I got my iPhone XR I started using the Apple one because I like how simple it is while still functioning the way I want it to.

I recently decided to download some podcasts from Sargon and Styx, and neither of them will download. I can’t verify whether they worked on Android or not because I didn’t try it until just like a week ago and I no longer have that phone.

My first assumption is Apple has blocked their content on their podcast app, but I could be wrong. I can see their channels, but when I try to download an episode it fails. So I downloaded Pocket Casts for iPhone as well, and same results. I can find them, but can’t listen to them.

It COULD be a problem with their channels, and not a problem with the platform. But I wouldn’t be surprised if they were being blocked, especially Sargon.

I was just wondering if anyone maybe listens to them as well and knows of an app that works.

When I had an iphone I used overcast and that seemed to work well. Didn’t know thos gust put out content as podcasts, interesting.

Update: I am on Android using podcast addict and on WiFi at about 100Mbs. I found the stepfathers podcast and it is downloading…kinda. It is super slow so your app may have a thing where it times out if the connection is to slow. Just a thought.

I wasn’t able to find Podcast Addict, at least not from a quick search on the App Store.

So I’m trying these now:

  • Overcast - Sargon ownloading, but slow-ish. Maybe it’d be fast if I paid for the membership. Styx download fails.
  • The Podcast App - downloads don’t seem to be responsive
  • Bullhorn - downloads failed

I’ll have to wait til I’m back at home to make sure it’s not a filter problem. Previous tests were done at home.

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I would also throw out youtubedl, kind of a pain compared to podcast apps but any port in a storm. Also if this is something they are adding you may msg them or leave it in comments somewhere b\c it could be on their end. Oh and while I am on this shotgun approach you may check to see if the podcast can be had through the subscribestar app. Lemme know how this shakes out!

Ya that’s what I was considering next. Seems like I’ll need to reach out to their community to figure out what they recommend. I was just curious if anyone here has come across the same issue.

I was also thinking maybe YouTube Premium, but I’m on the fence because on one hand I usually watch/listen to YouTube videos several hours a day and I think it’s a decent price and you get some added benefits like being able to play videos without being in the app, or even with the screen turned off, and you can download videos without using a third party app, etc. On the other hand, their policies in terms of monetization, copyright strikes, etc. are pretty shit for creators, and YouTube has been slowly pushing for more and more family-friendly bullshit, so I don’t really want to give them money.

I checked Subscribestar and it looks like Sargon’s benefits mostly pertain to his Discord, but I didn’t see podcasts mentioned. I love Styx’s setup because it’s just a straight donation, no benefits.

I went on a fucking DIG after my iphone for a podcast app as good or better than the iOS 9-10.2 default podcast app, and hoo fuckin boy are there a lot of stinkers.

I’m gunna be big gay and say that PC is really good for people who are starting to play with podcasts or just want to select something quick.

I am the contrarian that will say podcast addict is the best one out there. You can add podcasts from literally any network, youtube channels, soundcloud, etc, and just tada there you go. Gives details on almost everything too.

I don’t install many apps, but PA is almays the first. Its also the reason I can only use android phones now :I

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Ah fellow big brain car talk listner!


I have a 3G phone with no internet, just talk and texts
I just download my podcasts and listen to them in the truck.
I drive 510 miles a day and at the end of the day “aw shucks, I didn’t get to listen to that”
I really like that podcasts now advertise other podcasts

You can live large w/ just 5 gigs phone storage :slight_smile:

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That’s a great idea. Especially since Ford Sync sucks hard and every once in a while the bluetooth just decides to stop working for a couple days.

I have a Sandisk MP3 player that I can just download podcasts on my PC and then transfer them to that.

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I found a podcast website called Player.FM. Both Styx and Sargon work on the website. But once you download the app and try to play one, they magically no longer work.

Maybe there’s something else going on on the back-end that I don’t get, but it really seems to me like Apple is blocking out voices they don’t want people to hear, even when they’re just semi-edgy political commentators.

This is why I’m all for alternative options like the Librem 5. I know they’re not ready for average consumer use yet, but I can’t wait to get my hands on a phone that I actually have control over.