Please share NVIDIA RTX Studio Laptop experiences

I’m curious about anyone that has recently had chances to use any NVIDIA RTX Studio Laptops. Thinking about buying one, but thought someone out in Level1Techs forum-land would be ahead of me.

Sufficient for at least low-end 3D game development, perhaps Blender animation, Unreal, and Adobe everything? I’m probably asking for a lot here…

I teach at university, and would love to demo all these kinds of things (and share Level1Techs channel discreetly whenever I can).

I would generally avoid them. Hardware is going to have a lot of obsolescence out of the box. They are pretty cool. They have good hardware… nice screens and what not but for the money theres better

Thanks for the input. What would you recommend instead?

Thats a loaded question. Let’s start with what do you need and what is your 80 percent use case scenario. I.e what is it going to serve you doing?

I’d mostly like to get into video editing. I’m just getting started here; swimming in the endless options. Eventually, I’ll also buy a desktop workstation in all its glory, so no need for uber-cutting-edge just now. But I’m curious and experimental: I teach programming, and know too much math for my own good. Hardware is where I need help, and I appreciate any insights. I just know I’ll end up wanting to do all kinds of TensorFlow and PyTorch nonsense to abuse whatever I end up buying. I’m not ready for overclocking. It also needs to be thin, because I don’t want to haul around a brick with everything else I need for teaching.

Im gonna be realistic here. Get a powerful desktop for video editing on the regular. It quite frankly will serve you 1000x better BUT if you must have a workstation laptop and you gonna pay thousands of dollars like RTX studio why not get one with power for the same money over a slim sleek design? If portability and easy on the road work is what your after I wouldnt consider even going for have a discrete GPU on the laptop save sayyy maybe Vega. Intel is enough for most actions. Especially the fact that there is a lot of good video editing software on linux and I mean you got blender… its just gonna be PITA to get nvidia going with hybrid or optimus so if you plan to do any linux work nvidia on mobile is a pain save for Max Q designs…

You sound like a programmer. Im going to be frank. If you are a developer/programmer or teacher and your looking for something that just works… TBCH the Dell XPS 13 Developer edition is probably the most solid linux loaded laptop around…

So this is why I ask. What are you actually going to use it for? I can give some nvidia laptop recommendations but neither RTX studio nor the laptops with the power worth the money are going to be very well cheap LOL…

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Here is what I would say get…

SOlid performance… Max Q… has a geforce gpu… might be good :slight_smile:

Otherwise if your not looking for an NVIDIA GPU honestly. My recommendation would be this for a solid “programmer” experience…

Expensive but solid… cheaper than that I could find but its all down to use case

If you find yourself that enamored with RTX studio spec laptops… Get an Dell Alienware m15 creators edition or heck LOL just go get a mac book it will likely work just fine for the purpose

Thank you, Heimdallr—you’ve presented some interesting choices. I see the m15 with all the additional upgrades, and my wallet would probably wake up feeling like it had been abducted by aliens. I’m sure I’d have fun with it if I went that route.

My last open request would be whether there any clear winners in the near future worth waiting a month or so for?

Uhmm honestly not sure but your mentality should be buy what you need for now… Inevitably one day your going to have to upgrade … if you need it now just buy if you can wait a month and see… then wait a month. I dont see too much coming out in the next month that will be relevant enough… Say next year yeah probably but within a month not so much

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