PLEASE READ: 4u home server heatsink help

Re-purposing a 4u case from work where the servers were upgraded from 4u chasis to 1u. It's a Rosewill RSV-R4000 with 2 extra optical bay cages, so a total of 9 optical bays that I will be using to place hot-swap bays. I will be using an lga 1150 board with a xeon e3-1245v3. The server will be primarily used as a storage server and backup server, but will also be handling my 2 Minecraft servers and other various game servers currently hosted on an fx-8150 desktop build.

I will be replacing all the fans in it with silent-running fans, but my question is this: considering the size limitation of 152mm, what quiet coolers would you recommend for a 24/7, 60% workload server?


Currently all I have found are:

Nocuta nh-u9b

Noctua nh-c14

Antec Khuler Box


AIO water cooler are out of the question because there will be no spot to mount a 120mm on the case with all the hot-swap bays.

The Noctua units would be best imo. Out of the two you have listed, choosing one depends on how your setting up the chassis.

If you setting it up for silence you may have less air movement in the chassis, in which case you'd be better off with the nh-c14 to provide a down draft to help cool motherboard components. Otherwise go with the nh-u9b.

I have a nh-c14 on my HTPC. it's running an 8350 @ 4.4GHz, i only use a single fan mounted under the fins with about 2 or 3 cm clearance between the top of the heatsink and the case. It runs completely silent and stable at full load. I cannot recommend this cooler enough.

Well thats +2 for that cooler :P

Well. c14 it is.