Please hurry and reply g230 for gaming headset

1 can i use the g230 to plug in the external thx usb sound card from creative to use the surround system, will it sound good?


is the g230 compatible with windows 8.1?


2 or should i buy the creative alpha or sigma 3d gaming headset?


im looking for a cheap surround sound 7.1, im in malaysia so im trying to find gaming headsets in malaysia without online and that is jack and usb to use it for games and sometimes for outdoor. if im forced to then maybe.  


next week i want to buy a headset please tel me which is good, 1 or 2

It's alright, i would get the g930 though, much nicer. and yes its compatibile

I'd pick another set of headphones to be honest, I'm using the g430's and they don't go that loud. At maxed out volume they distort quite alot too.