Please help with pc build :)

Is it any good?

I'm going to use it for mostly gaming but also rendering and video editing which is why i went with a Nvidia gpu.

I'm not buying this until May sometime, so i'm not in a rush. Are there any new computer components said to come out by that time that i should look into investing instead of something on this list?

I'm planning on maye getting 2 670s in the future which is why i went with 750w. And if i some day have the money to have 3-way SLI i'll probably have the money for a better PSU as well so i don't need an 850 quite yet.

So please tell me if there is something i can improve for a similar price and if there's something i can change to save money.

Thank you in advance :)

edit: I didn't notice that i had an 850W on the list O.o Anyway, just imagine that it is a Corsair AX750 there instead. AX because where i live it is for some reason cheaper than the HX :P

Have you looked at the FX8320? It has similar specs as the 8350 but its clocked at 3.5 vs 4.0. It is also $20 less then the 8350 and since you are buying the H80i the .5ghz gap can easily be adjusted. Here:

A 750watt is far more then you will ever use with the GTX670's in SLI, here take a look :,4.html

A quality 650watt will easily handle that system even with a OC on the FX8350, but then that is just me pinching pennies.

Other then that it is solid, maybe with the cpu price savings you can squeeze a slightly bigger SSD into your build.


Alright! So how does this look? I'm not going to downgrade to 650w because if you see at the bottom of the link you sent me you can see they are suggesting a minimum of 700w for 2-way SLI, and i like to have a bit left just in case. :3

Thanks for your help!

Damn. I forgot to put the link.