Please help picking a monitor

 So I'm considering a monitor as I am currently using a laptop screen for everything. It will be used for photography and video projects as well as my only screen for watching everything else as I don't have a tv.

  My first idea was the Asus PA238Q. Wider color gamut, LED so I guess no viewing angle problems and nice reviews. I considered the 24" model but it's considerably more expensive ( about £100 over ).

   However, researching I also looked at LG's wide screen monitors. The 29" is a bit over budget at over £300 but I found out that there is a 25" version that's about the same price as the 23" Asus. The wider display would be very handy for the software I use and possibly better for watching content but I can't find reviews of it and no mention of colour accuracy which is still very important.

 I was also recommended the Dell U2414H and P2414H but other than i/o and bezel sizes what are the differences between these and how do they compare to the others ?

  What do you think ? Thanks in advance everyone.

At the moment you really want to get a 27" 1440p IPS panel, if you can afford it.

For example, BenQ GW2765HT is around £300. There may be other options available, depending on where you order from.

1440p is just that much more convenient than 1080p.

The 1440p monitors are still a bit out of my budget and colour fidelity is more important than resolution for me as it is not for gaming. Any suggestions for wider gamut 1080p monitors ?

That Dell is kinda junky, I had 2 and never stopped having problems with them. I would go with a nice 1080p best yo0u can afford.

There you go. I recommend this monitor to anybody. Looks great both the quality of the image and how it looks IRL (fucking sexy).

Its pretty cheap also.

Resolution is not for gaming (actually, it doesn't matter for gaming), it's about everything becoming vastly more convenient because of bigger workspace.