PLEASE HELP! New Custom PC, No network adapter detected!

Hey so i just built my new gaming pc, specs are:

  • Intel Core i7-3770K 
  • ASUS P8Z77-V PRO Motherboard
  • G.Skill Ripjaws-X 16Gb 1600Mhz
  • Stock Cooler untill I buy the Corsair H100i Liquid Cooler
  • Corsair AX-760i Fully Modular PSU
  • Thermaltake Chaser MK-1 Full Tower Case
  • OCZ Vector 256Gb SSD

    (havent bought gpu yet if your wondering) So after installing windows, all good, i try to connect to the internet. The little network icon at the bottom has a Red X on it and it says that no connections are available even though im connected throught Ethernet to my router.
    My friend has brought his pc over many times and the ethernet works fine on his so anyways, i open up network and sharing center and i clicked "connect to a network" on the top of screen and a pop up box comes up at the bottom saying "Not connected, No connections are available, -troubleshoot". So i clicked troublshoot and a diagnostic ran and it says that "Troubleshooting couldnt identify the problem" . So i then closed the troubleshoot box and clicked on "Set up a new connection or network", from there it has some options, - Connect to the internet, -set up a new network, - connect to a workplace and -set up a dial-up connection. I then clicked on "Connect to the Internet" and it says "Windows did not detect any networking hardware" 
    By the way i have my wifi-go module installed on the motherboard but that didnt work either wirelessly so i pull out the entenna and tried ethernet. Now im thinking that it might be ethernet drivers and motherboard drivers, etc but if it is, how do i download and install. Can someone give me a step by step guide on how to, if drivers are the problem. Thanks a million,

The disk that came with your mobo shoud have a LAN driver with it. Try installing that.

thanks for replying so quickly, only one disk came with the motherboard. Its the chipset support driver dvd and instruction manuals on the motherboard and wifi go.

I have an Asus motherboard as well, different model tho. And my disc had all the drivers on it. including the extra software they provide.  (windows 7 64bit) (windows 8 64bit)

Download the one for your operating sistem then unzip the downloaded file then run the asus.exe file this will then install the latest LAN driver when its finished reboot the computer and you shud be good to go


My ASUS Sabertooth mobo had the driver in the disk. Check under "utilities"

Since my pc cant connect to the internet yet, you mean that i transfer it from a usb and then run asus.exe? thanks

After watching linustechtips and logan ive thought that never use the driver cd and always download from the motherboards website because the cd is outdated. Does this apply for now and I did a device troubleshoot and i found out stuff that needs drivers, they are: Network controller, USB Controller, USB Controller, Ethernet Controller, SM Bus Controller, USB Controller and PCI Simple Communications Controller. Does that mean i have to update all of them from asus website?

you really shouldn't be having this much trouble with your PC build. I didn't DL any of my software from the disk when I got mine up. I was able to connect right out of the box. I'm wondering if there could be some other issue you have going on. you might have a faulty mobo.

You can always use the disc, then update everything after. If you had just used the disc in the first place, Would you of even had the need to make this post? JS.


Personaly the driver cd never makes it to my pc builds i allways download the new ones to a usb stick before i start but the cd will have a driver that will get you going it will be a older driver but you can allways get the newer ones when your all set up and running (after 200 windows updates lol)

hmm yeah, hopefully its not faulty, so far i have had no error codes or led codes and the computer is blazing fast!

1. right click the connection either it is lan or wireless...
2. choose properties
3. then click one the internet protocol (TCP/IP)
4. click properties
5. check obtained both

yeah thats what i want to do but i kinda dont know how to install from a usb, like is there a special usb slot decicated for installing mobo drivers where i just plug it in and press install and it automatically installs them straight from usb or am i thinking of bios flashback and bios updates.. im a bit confused with the software side of things as its my first pc i have built. but in terms of raw hardware and brands, models, ect. i know my shit. and if i was to install from a usb to get running how do i uninstall all the drivers properly. thanks

Just boot into windows plug in the usb (not into a usb 3.0 slot as the driver usually need to be installed for usb 3.0)

Unpack the driver you what to install and run its setup.exe file 


just put the drivers on the usb  or put the disk in the drive. then if your on the usb click on whatever .EXE looks right. worked for me.

All the drivers are on the disk.


Alright thanks guys, im dowloading the drivers onto a usb as we speak and ill install them after work. cheers