Please help me choose!

Hi everyone!

Im going to build a gaming PC soon and im having a hard time choosing a good gpu!

So ive decidet to ask you all to kindly make a list of all good NVIDIA and AMD GPUs from this generation 

that can play all games at max setting at 1080p.The PC isnt going to cost much because all the products in my country cost more (multiplie the dollar by 1.5).I would appreciate if the GPUs max price wold be around 350 dollars (GPU bundles with games are good too).Sorry for the long task,but if you help me ill TRY to help you too in any whay possible!

Many thanks to you all!

I guees it would be easier to just find out which card can play all games at full setting 1080p with smallest price tag and then if you had the money you could get something better. Or do you have a specific need for the list?

I'm not that into hardware but i guess you need AT LEAST a 7870 or higher series from AMD or a 660ti or higher series from Nvidia.

Then again in my mind you don't always need the best possible graphics...

the best bang for your bucks atm is the 7870 with the XT chip