Please help im gonna cry!

Ok so I've put all of my parts together for my build. I have a asrock extreme4 and an i3 3220 with a xfx 550w power supply. Ive connected all the cables and I go to hit the power button on the motherboard.... and nothing.

Please help!

Also I purchased 1.65v ram and i wanted to take it back for 1.5v but the manager assured me that 1.65 would work 

is It a dead mobo?

probably grounded

what does that mean

also i dont think  the powersupply is broke because when i plug the 6 pin connections into my graphics card green l.e.d's light up

motherboard is probably making contact with the case, I made the same mistake myself.

check all your pegs and the motherboard backplate.

Ok ill try that 

post some photos of it too, it'll help make diagnosing the problem a little easier (for all of us).


Should I try a boot up with my stuff outside of the case?


try with putting in one componant at a time and check every connection.

you should be able to get a bios splash from the vga on the mobo board.

I know the quality is bad

OMG ok i took the motherboard out of the case and it works! now i know its not doa

don't worry about the quality, just get some light on the backplate and try to get a close up, from the inside. also how tightly did you screw it down?

nice wiring job btw

How long should It take before i get to a screen

a good build should take an hour or two, but since this is your first one there's an acception :).

shouldn't take long at all. then you should be able to plug everything back in once the mobo board is seated correctly

Ok uefi bios screen came up, now to put it all back in the case

thanks a lot man

Good luck with the rest of the build and happy gaming. If you need more help i'm always available on steam