Please double check my build before I buy

Hi guys I'm about to buy the build, I already have the 780 acx superclocked

I just want to make sure everything is compataible before I buy etc.


The build looks great i would say go for it.

What  about your old topic?

Can that be locked?

sure lock it

ok im going to buy it all now

thanks so much for all your help guys, when i build it ill upload photos


I actually replied to you on there, a second ago.

Build is fine, man.

Looks Good to me Buy IT!

owhy the overpriced moniter? surely you can get  a 27'' for cheaper?

It's a 1440p monitor, and that's as cheap as they come.

"1440p, and that's as cheap as they come. Unless, you buy from those wonderful Koreans on Ebay".

The Yamakasis are hitting 120hZ! They are great, if you buy the ones without temperred glass.

ah. i see. fair enough :)

It's a master build man. Very nice.. Just get one more fan for the front of the case to keep the temps optimal and all the air coming in through the dust filters.. Your build makes me jealous lol...

Gratz man.. don't forget to cable manage all the wires so it looks nice too lol.

yeah me and a friend of mine are going to build it once the parts come in, im so excited!

im deciding which fans to go with for the front, im thinking the new noctua nf a14 pwm's, but i haven't bought them yet

also do you think i should put fans on the top of the case if im air cooling the cpu? or are those just for if your liquid cooling?

You can use the top mounts for air flow or radiator cooling. You want to choose your fans carefully, and configure them appropriately. Your rear and top fans should be exhausts, and your front and bottom fans will be intakes. This will provide a nice flow through your chassis. You don't really want to use the top as intakes, because heat rises, it would be inefficient to use those mounts as intakes.

For radiators, pick fans with good static pressure, like Silverstone air penetrators.

but im going with air cooling, i thought the stock fans on the phanteks would be good enough

im just wondering if the noctuas would be good for the front intake

and if i had the top mounts filled with fans, would it mess with the airflow when the fans are pushing the hot air to the back of the case and not to the top of the case?

As I said, you can use the top mounts for air flow 'or' radiator cooling. You want your front and bottom as intake, and your top and rear as exhaust. That will provide a nice flow through the chassis. So you have all the air moving one way, this is the most efficient fan configuration. Similar to push-pull on a radiator.

If you're doing air cooling, pick fans with a good air flow. The air flow performance of the Noctua NF A14s is 67.9 CFM, which I think is good. So yeah, they would be a suitable choice. I just think the colours are a bit yucky.

yeah the front intake fans are kinda hidden on the r4, so ill use the noctuas there, so im thinking of going with one of these for the back

although im not sure it will fit and im not sure it's pwm, i like pwm fans

The website I looked at states that a rear 140 "run silent" fan is included. Might be better off with that, in comparison with the Corsair. Corsair fans don't have a good acoustic performance, and the included 140 should have sufficient airflow.

ok cool

do you think buying fans for the top mounts would help cool the cpu? or would it mess up the airflow