Please check my build

So I'm for sure ordering this today and I wanted final expert opinions.  Here it is:

I really like this build but I just wanted to get final expert opinions on it.  Also will the PSU i picked be able to Crossfire the 7850?  I will be doing heavy gaming and Overclocking with a goal of 4.2 to 4.5 GHZ.  And if your going to suggest me a build please keep these factors in mind:

  • I don't need OS peripherals, monitor
  • I need a Wifi Card
  • I need an optical drive
  • CPU cooler
  • Case has to look beastly!
  • CPU Overclockable
  • Crossfire ready
  • 1080p gaming on very high to max settings.  

Thanks TekSyndicate for all the help as of late!  My venture into PC gaming is soon complete thanks to you guys!

looks ok, i happen to have that same gpu and it can't oc very well fyi, also i think 4.5 is more than a little optomistic with an evo

hmm. true.  How about rest of the build?


1, dont crossfire 2 7850's 

2, if you what to crossfire get a 990FX chip set mobo (that 970 runs one pcie x16 slot at x4 speed and one at x16 speed)

3, you may need a bios update for that motherboard if you dont get a bang up to date vershon off the shelf

4, yes that psu is good enuff for x2 7850's

5, for over a 1ghz overclock look at geting a Noctua NH-D14 or a Phanteks PH-TC14PE

Allso its going to be a real tight fit with the pcie 1x wifi card if you have 2 card crossfire it will depend how large thay are if you will be able to fit it in there

oh yeah, i missed the cf idea, in that case what cooperman said

also, if you're buying now have some coupons (newegg)

  • 10% off ram: BTEXNVV23 (good 7/23)
  • 20% off case fans: BTEXNVV25 (7/28)
  • 20% off addon cards: BTEXNVV29 (7/28) (maybe wifi cards, not sure)
  • 15% off thermal compound: BTEXNVV35 (7/28)
  • 15% off cpu coolers: BTEXNVV36 (7/28) (this one isn't all coolers, but it doesn't say which)

Made necessary changes. Lower priced power supply with less ripple, and a better board for overclocking. Never expect a good overclock on a 970 board. You can get a "fair" OC, but never anything huge.

Mother of all that is holy, the TX650 has a 94mV ripple. That XFX barely, barely clears 80+ Bronze, though.

^^^^ The Asus M5A99X EVO R2.0 mobo isent a 990FX mobo its a 990X chip set (it runs x2 pciex 16 slots at x8 speed max and not full x16 speed)

True, but the difference between two cards on 16x lanes and two on 8x lanes is negligible at best.