Plea for level1techs to join the decentralized Odysee platform

Sorry if this is not the right sub forum, but I didn’t know where to post this.

I am not affiliated with Odysee whatsoever I just had enough with YouTube’s censorship bots which are becoming worse than Instagram’s (and it’s censorship in general both for creators but for users as well e.g shadow ban or deleting your posts without notifying you or while on your side they seem to be there etc ).

So I decided to move to a more free (as in liberty and freedom of speech not just as in free beer) platform, and I think Odysee is the best compromise.

But there is no level1 channel there (although there are quite a few “big” ones like veritasium electroboom eevblog etc) .

And I missed it a lot.

Furthermore as far as I understand essentially virtually 0 work is required no hassle whatsoever, you create your account and then login via Google to automatically sync your YouTube channel with your Odysee channel (I guess they just data mine the videos tags and titles and download the videos of the channel from YouTube to their Blockchain but I could be wrong ) so @wendell won’t need to manually upload stuff to Odysee manually+ you do get paid too so it’s not just extra exposure but some beer money (or maybe more ?) Is involved for practically 0 work since it clones whatever you already done for YouTube.

So please spend 5-10 minutes of your life to get an Odysee presence, it’s free and free of hassle. Thanks A LOT :pray: :pray: :+1:

Eevblog said yt blocked the auto upload feature in a recent vid i thought.

Well I don’t know about that, I am new to that platform myself but having that said during the account creation process I did use that sync button and it indeed (at least on their dialog where the process bar is ) synced the couple of videos that I had on YouTube, but later it told me that I can’t use sync because I have less than 100 subscribers (I don’t have an actual channel just uploaded a couple of videos to use as reference etc ).

The entire process didn’t take more than a few minutes (actually less than 1, it’s only that the syncing needs more time but you don’t have to actively monitor that )so maybe you could try it yourself

I guess since I still can’t find the channel there the sync option doesn’t work, or you just didn’t find some time to check it out ?

P.S Don’t feel overwhelmed I know a person like you has too much on his plate as it is, but it literally will take about a minute to create an account there (probably less )