Playing around with DLSS and DLDSR

Given that DLSS limits the steps artificially I thought I might use DLDSR and see if I can enable different options and see how this affects performance. I did all tests on my 3090 with DLSS 2.4.3 on my 5120x1440 screen in Cyberpunk 2077. Granted, my results might not give a broad overview but I did have some insight I wanted to share.

First, some information about DLSS’ scaling factors in relation to the modes. As to my knowledge, this factor is applied to the vertical pixel for calculation and not the overall pixels. Thus DLSS Quality on 5120x1440 results in 3413x960 being the render resolution.

  • Quality uses 2/3
  • Balnced uses 0.58%
  • Performance uses 0.5%

Additionally, DLDSR has the following two downscaling options:

  • 1.75 → 6826x1920
  • 2.25 → 7680x2160

So, I combined the scaling factors with a few different DLSS options and ran the Cyberpunk 2077 benchmark with the following results:

DLSS Quality (960p) 37.16 46.31 59.45
2.25 - Performance (1080) 27.75 (-25%) 34.53 (-25%) 43.56 (-26%)
1.75 - Balanced (1113p) 27.31 (-1%) 34.03 (-1%) 43.55 (0%)
2.25 - Balanced (1252p) 21.68 (-26%) 27.67 (-19%) 35.85 (-18%)
1.75 - Quality (1280p) 21.24 (-2%) 27.37 (-1%) 36.26 (+1%)

As one can see from this benchmark both 2.25 options perform slightly better than the 1.75 ones and therefore I would just use 1113p or 1280p depending on the free performance available.

If a 4090 for instance will double the performance compared to a 3090 as rumor has us believe, the following result could be possible:

DLSS Quality (960p) 74.32 92.62 118.9
1.75 - Balanced (1113p) 54.62 68.06 87.1
1.75 - Quality (1280p) 42.48 54.74 72.52

However, for some people 1280p will not offer acceptable performance, but then again it is up for everyone to decide.

Thus, with this neat little trick, the following DLSS options have become available:

  • Extreme Quality: 0.88
  • Ultra Quality: 0.77
  • Quality: 0.66
  • Balanced: 0.58
  • Performance: 0.5
  • Ultra Performance 0.33

Has someone else here given something like this a try? I would be interested in your results.

Edit: Added tables, special thanks to @Zibob

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Pretty interesting, so DLDSR exposes editable parameters for DLSS? That could be really useful and even better if like GTA Vs advanced graphics menu could have these in there for those.that really want that level of controls.

Also tables are a thing… The syntax is was beyond me but it is definitely a thing.

Col A Col B Col C
A1 B1 C1
| Col A | Col B | Col C|
| A1 | B1 | C1 |
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Yes, to a certain degree. Using DLDSR does not exactly retain image in the way it is supposed to because it is oversharpened. However, there is a smoothness slider to reduce this sharpening and it can be finetuned to ones preference or try to achieve equality with native settings.

For more information on this, check out this video:

In order to use this trick though, the game must support DLSS otherwise one would have to rely on NIS. With that being said, I do not know if NIS could be used in conjunction with DLDSR.

Likewise, it would be interesting if the same is possible with RSR and FSR. So, maybe AMD users can chime in here.

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