Playdate by Panic

Panic Software has announced “Playdate,” a handheld console with a crank and monochrome display for $150.

It’s twelve brand new video games, one each week

The console itself includes one “season” of 12 surprise games.

While I admire novel ideas like this, I’m not into handhelds, and while it’s difficult to judge the price when there are no games yet, it seems quite expensive. This won’t get any consideration from me, though I’d love to see one up close and personal. I adore Panic’s software.

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I like their website. And the concept. The price is very steep tho. If it were $50 I would consider buying it.

The cool thing with the crank is not having to worry about having a charger, as you would crank for more POWAH!!! It would be cool to see that tech move over to smart phones. Maybe we should go in business. Lol

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The site indicates it’s just an analog controller. Using it for control and power would be some slick design.:ok_hand:


I’m blind. :frowning:

Lol. There was literally an entire section dedicated to it.

I just saw the crank and thought it was like one of those crank lanterns.

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That was exactly my thought too, at which point I was not interested but applauded the effort, but having seen the actual idea for it, that is very cool… But I am still not interested. That is not a throw away amount of money, for a throw away novelty.

Now if they release an SKD or open source it that’s another thing but since they are Mac and iOS people I very much doubt that will be a thing.