Play on Linux Help Manjaro xfce4 compiz

Having problems with Play on linux
Do not know where to start, have tried just using the installers and going thru the process, they will install and when launched the graphics are all messed up. White screen techno color dots or just the desktop all chopped up and placed random.

followed this youtube video using the same OS and it just stalls trying to install vcrun 2008
This is the most frustrating things to deal with is play on linux.
If there is better software to use I am willing to look at it. Download Crossover 14 day trial can not install it ends in a .bin file.
I have just gone and purchased new games from GOG just to play. would really love to get modded skyrim running.
Help and suggestions would be great. Changing my OS is not something I want, really like Manjaro, will live with out skyrim if i have to.

Play On Linux (POL) is very suffisticated and one of the best I know, next to winetricks.

what version of wine/POL are you running? Video uses: Wine 1.9.4

Best alternative (if you have 2 graphics cards or 1 onboard) is to set up a VM with gpu passthrough (if motherboard and CPU support it).

cpu Fx 8350 gpu gtx 560 asus evo v2 motherboard
play on linux version 4.2.10

only the one video card.
Thinking of picking up a i5 office pc put in a low end gpu and us it for linux then stream from my more powerful pc to the i5. Steam alows you to stream games.

was hoping I could do away with windows and not use it.

and what version of wine?

have you looked at the additional software tabs on POL ? you can also move to older or newer versions of POL in the POL menus without needing to reinstall anything.

Wine version

Just remembered I have a amd 5770 1 gig card.

How hard is it to do video pass thru ?
And can i use my current hard drive with windows already running?

still new to linux and cli, I have for the most part used the gui for program installs. I am willing to learn.

If you could explain this more, I have installed games and changed to different version of wine, looked at the dependencies, and so on.
mass effect 2 failed to install could not even get to the point of installing steam
skyrim using the install in the video it installed steam then hung up on installing vcrun2008
talisman would install, and when you run the game the screen was just a bunch of garbage.
spelunky i forget where that one failed I think it was bag graphics

these for the most part are old games, and with the installers should work.

I am terrible at internet searches and have found very few videos about setting up POL. I just download POL and wine from the repository and that is it.

is there a way to make one wine bottle install steam and then just install your games, or is this just hammer away till you find what works.

I tried looking at the debug files and not makes much sense to me.