Plastic cover over GPU die on a laptop?

I’ve got a hp omen 15 with rtx 2060. Anyone noticed a transparent plastic on the die ? It is actually around the die. Wondering if I should remove it before replacing the termal paste.

Wow! Even if this is something I never came across and thus might not know about, I’d “risk” removing it. this simply can’t be right and make good contact…

More around the die, i would probably clean it if it isn’t glued down.

If you’re using a non conductive thermal paste you can take it off but you’ll make a bit of a mess because the paste will be squeezed out the sides of the cooler and get stuck between the SMDs. So I won’t take it off just to keep the device clean.

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Went the safe route and left it. Read that it might be that the heatsink may touch the area around the die.

Keep it on, its very common on laptops. @MetalizeYourBrain is correct, its there to protect the other components on the CPU from any thermal paste run off.

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