Planning my first gaming pc build, no real budget in mind

hey guys im planning on building my first gaming rig to play the latest games like the witcher /batman /fallout etc at 1080p. not really looking to go higher in resolutions.

i have asked around a little and i have gotten some feedback here and there, originally i had a Silverstone Strider Plus 80+ Bronze 700W Fully Modular Power Supply but i had heard that it was rubbish and so i changed to a cooler master .

i just wanted to see what you guys thought? should i change anything ? do you see any problems i might face ?

thanks for your help guys :)

It all looks fine to me but i would try for a fully modular psu, Evga do nice ones. But yea fine to me.

Personally, I would ditch the after market cooler, drop to a lower i5, look for a cheaper mobo, find a cheaper psu (unless you want a multi card config later on) and change the gpu to a 390. I would also look into getting an ssd, but that is a bit extra. Icing on the cake so to speak.

so something like a 4460 and a h97? i was considering a 390 but those driver issues have scared me off a little i must admit.

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If your going to get a R9 390 i would try to get one with the "stock" layout. Because I have a R9 280x and it has 4 Displayports and Ive had to make my own driver for it because AMD's drivers do not like a non-ref layout it would seem.

I suppose you could go to a lower i5 but you could try for the i5 4570 it is cheaper than the 4590 by 30$ and it is like the same core and is a little better than the 4460 by a reasonable amount.

Personally I would get 4690 If you do not plan to OC but that said it is like the same price for a 4690k so why not?

Motherboard wise If your not getting a K core then What ever supports the core and is the lowest price you can use the h81 and such Motherboards with a bios update. But if it is a K core that your going to get then get ether a z87 or z97.
(Just read reviews do not just buy the cheapest board that supports it that was a figure of speach.)[]=2284&cmp[]=1896&cmp[]=2230

if you dont have a budget in mind, and you can afford a 4690K or 4790K + Z97 mobo, then i personaly dont realy see a reason why you should go with a locked i5 for gaming to be honnest.

4690K or 4790K are currently the best cpu´s for gaming out there.
Especialy if you are an MMO player.

awesome !. thank you for your help everyone :D i really appreciate you guys taking the time